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    Haven't pieced this all together yet.....


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    Haven't pieced this all together yet.....

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:11 pm

    I've been seeing snippets of some things that sound promising. Here's what I think I've found through various different sources.

    There's a leak problem. A big one. My own guess is there are several leakers working in different places.

    My own personal idea is to let everybody middle management on up go and replace them with trusted people. Then see what you have and proceed from there. The problem with that idea is it can cause a lot of work for some for awhile, and a few things might fall through the cracks umtil things get back to running.

    Another idea I had and never voiced was using disinformation. A number of reasons I wasn't sure about that is the question of how to implement it. You can tell different people different things and figure out who is leaking by what gets leaked. But how do you handle phone call transcripts (which is actually against the law unless there's a court order prior to monitoring calls of US citizens, and espionage if it involves recording and leaking secrets)? I was still working on a few ideas where that might work out, but hadn't reached any solid conclusions.

    Anyway, it appears at least part of what I was thinking was implemented. There was a leak that Trump was going to sign an executive order to use National Guard troops to round up illegals. It was total BS. But the information was leaked with the number 100,000 troops. The media picked up on it and started spreading it. Schumer ran in front of a camera and expressed outrage. (No word yet if he also cried.)

    Then the story was debunked. But the number of troops was significant because that number was only given to one person. No word on who that person is, but supposedly they now know who that particular culprit is.

    Again, that's pieced together and may not be 100% accurate. But I did see a tweet from AP touting that information, and it was followed by another tweet saying it had been discredited. Several sources today have expressed glee that a mole has been outed, a few of them using that 100,000 number. But, again, no solid information to go on other than piecemeal posts in various places.

    As for the mole(s) with the calls, I'm not really sure anybody has broken any laws yet. It turns out that Obama gave legal cover for his crooked people to spy on Flynn. The call(s) in question in his case all happened before Obama left. Some spying was even approved before the election voting started. The people involved prior to January 20 will get away with the monitoring. But they can still be prosecuted for the leaks if they are discovered. It's still espionage to leak information that may be sensitive from someone who will work in sensitive positions in the government.

    The information after that, I don't know. How much of it was somebody deliberately telling the media nonsense? How much of it was somebody expressing what they suspected and the media running with it as fact? How much of it was something that was said that got twisted as it passed from one person to another? I don't know. But it's clear somebody is still in the apparatus talking anonymously.

    I have ideas of ways that might help solve that. Maybe not totally, though I think I came up with a good couple of angles. But at least one of those ideas I'll keep to myself for now in case they decide on their own to do something along the same line. (Wouldn't want the NSA/CIA/FBI to get clues they didn't think of on their own to pre-empt getting themselves outed and possibly given death sentences for treason down the road. They do monitor everything, legally or not, including what we do here.)

    I also read something earlier that some more people have been let go from State. Probably unrelated. It was written as though it was the same routine thing of people putting in resignations when administrations change. So maybe not significant other than getting rid of a few more Obama people.

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    Re: Haven't pieced this all together yet.....

    Post  JJRobinson on Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:55 am

    I hope that is true about knowing who the mole is...

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