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    BUSTED: Chelsea Clinton Caught Spreading Multiple FAKE NEWS Stories


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    BUSTED: Chelsea Clinton Caught Spreading Multiple FAKE NEWS Stories

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:08 am

    BUSTED: Chelsea Clinton Caught Spreading Multiple FAKE NEWS Stories

    This week Chelsea Clinton sent out a couple of tweets on her Twitter account that contained fake news. According to the Free Beacon she acknowledged that one of the stories was in fact false however the second story about abortion law in Arkansas she continues to defend as fact even after being proven not true.

    The first story that Chelsea Clinton tweeted out was regarding climate change.

    From The Free Beacon:

    Clinton sent out one story on Wednesday that described how climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is “disappearing” from its website, in an apparent swipe at President Donald Trump, who has questioned the existence of climate change.

    That story has been proven false and Chelsea has since acknowledged that it is false.

    However her next fake news story she continues to defend.

    From The Free Beacon:

    The second story discussed a new law in Arkansas that would, according to Clinton’s retweet from Saturday, allow rapists to sue victims who get an abortion.

    At the Free Beacon points out, even the far left-leaning fact checker has said her abortion story is flat out false.

    From Snopes:

    The thrust of the law is that it makes it a felony for doctors to perform dilation and evacuation abortion procedures, except in cases where such a procedure is necessary to prevent death or physical maiming of the mother. Critics note that the law doesn’t allow an exception for patients to obtain the specified procedure even in cases of rape or incest. According to Davis, the law is “not a prohibition on abortion in the second trimester,” but rather a restriction on a specific abortion method.

    Those deep inside the Democratic party who are very close to the Clinton family and who know Chelsea best say that calling her ‘Not Smart’ is an ‘Understatement’. In all the WikiLeaks emails that came out it was revealed that Chelsea Clinton had launched an investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s finances in 2012 and then decided to tell one of George W. Bushes twin daughters about it and the information quickly reached Republican operatives. John Podesta then referred to Chelsea in an email telling someone that calling her ‘Not Smart’ is an ‘Understatement.

    Probably inherited intellectual prowess from her dad, Webb. He never impressed me as being overly bright.

    Don't worry. Next it will be "sexist" to state Chelsea is stupid or a liar. Even with proof. Just like it was when criticizing Mommy Dearest. Rumor is she's going to be a Senator or something. In a long line of super-smart Senators. Like Babs Boxer. Or really smart congresswomen, like Princess Nancy (thinks Bush is still president) or Maxine Waters (thinks Russia is invading deep into Korea). Or even Fauxcahontas Warren (Cherokee name "Big Pile of Buffalo Manure").

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