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    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:44 pm

    As I write this the website of the terrorists/professional protester organization, ANTIFA (anti-fascist), is dealing with a hacked website (

    Let me rephrase that. ANTIFA isn't getting anywhere in dealing with a hacked website. And you'd think their diapers are really tight up their buttcracks the way they're behaving about it!

    It seems someone hacked the site earlier and they thought they had control back. But they admit now they have no control.

    First they thanked their site host for helping them. Now they accuse their site host of not lifting a finger.

    They accuse the "alt-right" and they're probably at least partially correct. What's on there as I write this is the following video:

    It has a banner across the middle on the site itself calling ANTIFA fascists, stating they're fighting themselves. Here's a screenshot:

    The truth is this may or may not be right-wing people. But the beauty of it is that terrorists are being terrorized. And while they like to pretend they're sophisticated grown-ups who are standing up for people, the reality is they're throwing tantrums because they have no other ammunition!

    Every other post is "we aren't the fascists" and the alternate ones are "the alt-right are the fascists for taking over our website."

    To top it off, they're even too stupid to see when somebody makes fun of them. To wit:

    They actually believe that somebody is thanking them publicly for allowing the person to be lazy and a pest to society!

    They'll get control back. But I hope in the meantime some loose screws in the heads of some snowflakes can get tightened a little by watching the reality of the misfits they've been suckered by.

    I mostly love it because the terror group is getting a small taste of its own medicine and looking like little children at the same time.

    Tomorrow it will all be over. Hopefully they'll have a lot fewer SJWs (a pipe dream, almost certainly), and they'll probably be ready with some story about how brave they were.

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