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    He probably didn't get it because he hasn't killed enough people yet


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    He probably didn't get it because he hasn't killed enough people yet

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:56 pm

    And it may mean he'll never get it since most of the people he'd have to kill would be innocent ones.

    Donald Trump has been ‘nominated for Nobel Peace Prize’ for 'vigorous peace through strength ideology'

    The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced later today at a ceremony in Oslo, in Norway. 

    While the shortlist has not been officially announced, there are clear favourites to have been nominated, as well as some unexpected reported names. 

    In February, controversial US presidential candidate Donald Trump was rumoured to have been nominated for the accolade, alongside Pope Francis, Syria’s ‘White Helmets’ rescuers and the residents of Greek Islands who have provided shelter and safety to refugees and a Yazidi woman trafficked by Isis who is now a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

    Barry H. Soetoro has set the bar so high for innocent deaths that I doubt anybody could match it.

    Well, except for Mrs. Bubba. She might be willing to accept it, too, if there's money involved and she doesn't have to say anything. Or a lot of money for her to say the same things she does to everybody else that gives her a lot of money.

    But any dreams she may have had of being the first female (allegedly) president (allegedly) recipient were shattered when she failed to successfully steal the election.

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