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    Will Republicans Tank Trump's Spending Cuts?


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    Will Republicans Tank Trump's Spending Cuts?

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:15 am

    Will Republicans Tank Trump's Spending Cuts?

    If they get the chance, yes.

    President Trump hasn't released a detailed budget plan yet, but already some Republicans are signaling their disinterest in making deep cuts to federal spending. The biggest obstacle to the conservative parts of Trump's agenda could be his own party.

    Trump hasn't been shy about wanting to see big changes in federal spending. Shortly before taking the oath of office, news came out that he is aiming for 10% spending cuts and a 20% cut in federal staffing.

    On his first full day in the White House, he announced a halt to hiring federal workers and a freeze on pay raises. Top advisor Kellyanne Conway said over the weekend that Trump plans to convert the giant, out-of-control Medicaid program into block grants.

    Trump's actual budget plan is still more than a month away, but talk of spending cuts has already started to raise alarm bells. Not from Democrats who can be counted on to fight every spending cut — outside of Defense — but from supposedly fiscally conservative Republicans.

    As The Hill notes, Trump "may be headed into a big fight with Republican lawmakers with his plans for dramatic cuts to federal spending."

    It quotes a number of top Republicans warning the newly elected Republican president against cutting programs big and small.

    Sen. Orrin Hatch says that shuttering the highly politicized Legal Services Corp. isn't worth the fight. Sen. Lisa Murkowski doesn't want any cuts to the federal government's "essential air service program." Missouri Republicans say they'll fight to protect a federal catfish inspection program.

    These are all nickel-and-dime programs. But the early resistance to getting rid of even these piddly programs is emblematic of the larger problem — Republicans talk a good game on spending cuts, but tend to wilt once actual spending cuts get proposed.

    They like to spend money just as much as the Democrats do. Their only objections come up when they aren't the ones spending it.

    We need to help drain the swamp some more in 2018. A third of the Senate is up and every blockage in the Republican party needs a solid fiscal challenger to kill them off in the primaries. And every representative that becomes an obstacle needs to face the same fate.

    We won't be able to wipe them all out. But it might be possible to make their liberal majority so small that they have to do some things they'd never do without the pressure.

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