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    How the left shows "compassion"


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    How the left shows "compassion"

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:12 pm

    WomensMarch Protesters BOO Trump Hotel Staff Helping Female Heart Attack Victim

    Liberals are demented.

    Yeah? And?

    They preach love and tolerance, but in reality, they’re heartless bullies who are incapable of showing human compassion to anyone who does not “fit” their political ideology.

    Liberalism is a disease.

    During Saturday’s #WomensMarch a group of heartless protesters BOOED Trump Hotel staff as they worked to help a PROTESTER who was on THEIR side having a HEART ATTACK.

    From Heat Street:

    Hotel staffers who crossed protest barricades to treat a heart-attack victim outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington this weekend were treated to jeers and anti-Trump slogans by protesters.

    Around 4 p.m. Saturday, a woman protester suffered a heart attack on the street outside the Trump hotel. The medical emergency sent a hotel staffer sprinting outside with an automated external defibrillator.

    Protesters held back by crowd control barricades loudly booed the staffer before the man passed the defibrillator to law enforcement.

    As video exclusive to Heat Street shows, officers expressed displeasure to the protesters over the jeering: “One of the protesters had a heart attack,” a police officer told a protester. “They are trying to help.”

    “You [are] booing…” the officer continued. “They are trying to save one of y’all’s life.”

    Police returned the defibrillator to the hotel minutes later after paramedics and an ambulance arrived. A police officer told Heat Street then that the heart attack victim did not require the device once paramedics began treating the victim.

    As the video shows, Women’s March participants targeted hotel guests, staffers and private security with accusations of racism as police officers struggled to keep the peace.

    Protesters gave middle fingers to hotel guests peering out of windows above and hotel guests leaving the five-star hotel were singled out as “racists.”

    “They all voted for Trump,” a woman explained to another protester.

    The Trump Organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Heat Street Saturday. The status of the heart attack victim is unknown.

    It's OK with leftists if she's a victim for the cause. (Bet quite a few of them couldn't exactly tell you what the "cause" was, though.) Besides, if she died out protesting anything related to Trump or any Republican, it would be all Trump's fault anyway.

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