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    FBI Director Comey Met With Democrats, And It Did Not Go Well


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    FBI Director Comey Met With Democrats, And It Did Not Go Well

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:03 pm

    FBI Director Comey Met With Democrats, And It Did Not Go Well

    Members of the intelligence community held a confidential briefing on Russian hacking Friday, but the meeting quickly descended into what The Daily Beast calls a “’s%$t show’ of angry, bitter Democratic lawmakers screaming in FBI director James Comey’s face.”

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

    During the meeting, former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz confronted Director Comey directly and scolded him for failing to tell her that they were aware that the DNC had been hacked. If only she knew sooner! Then she could’ve had more time to craft an excuse as to why she rigged the entire election against Bernie Sanders!

    Actually, I read a few weeks ago that Whatsername Schultz (no hyphen) and the Hotlery gang had been told a long time back they were being hacked. But they chose to ignore it.

    Besides, it's not like the hacking of the DNC changed anything. Debbie still rigged things against Bernie. And the millions of people who were willing to vote for a confirmed criminal weren't put off at all that the DNC rigged it.

    It got incredibly uncomfortable,” one congressional aide briefed on the meeting told The Daily Beast. “People were mad, people were loud. It was like…they wanted Comey’s head on a plate,” the source said, describing the elected Democrats in the room.

    Comey reportedly told those in the room that he “doesn’t pay attention to timing, but does what he thinks is right,” and Democrats lost it. The cheese slid off their crackers, and McFrizz personally blamed Comey for her losing her position has head of the DNC. He forced her to rig the election against Bernie Sanders! (Except not.)

    “There was a big s%$t show toward the end of the briefing where [Democratic congresswoman and former Democratic National Committee chair] Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in an attempt at a public [cover-your-ass], badgered Comey in front of everyone basically blaming him for her losing her job, saying the FBI hadn’t properly warned the DNC they were being hacked, and hadn’t been more aggressive in their attempt to alert the DNC,” the Hill staffer recounted. “It lasted an uncomfortable amount of time, like 5 minutes. Republicans were booing and calling for her to sit down.”

    However, Debbie McFizz refuses to discuss the meeting in detail.

    “However, the FBI Director must clarify for the American people, the agency’s policies for investigating and alerting those who are hacked by foreign governments. There are further questions that must be answered by Director Comey, who must provide more clarity on this and other questions that have arisen surrounding the FBI’s handling of Russian hacking during the 2016 election cycle,” Wasserman Schultz said.

    It sucks they were hacked, but Democrats are more upset that the hacking exposed who they truly are than– you know– the actual hacking part. (Please ignore the fact that WikiLeaks said Russia was NOT the source of their material. Last I heard, it came from a disgruntled Democratic insider.)

    Guess what, Democrats. If you guys were actually honest, trustworthy, uncorrupted people, this wouldn’t be an issue. Well, hacking would still be an issue, but I seriously doubt there’d be this much anger. Don’t be mistaken. McFrizz is just upset that she was exposed rigging the entire primary against the senile socialist, and Democratic officials as a whole are upset that they were exposed for being horrible human beings and going along with it. Don’t forget that.

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