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    Strange Phone Calls


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    Strange Phone Calls

    Post  Ladyelaine on Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:01 pm

    I've been receiving strange number phone calls on my land line. They are ID listed as Unknown Out of the Area. My sister is receiving them on her cell phone too but never answers them. All of my calls are filtered through my answering machine and no message is ever left. The number, 138-631-0039 is apparently from a cell phone in Beijing China, or otherwise spoofed. I'm wondering what kind of scam this is.

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    Re: Strange Phone Calls

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:13 pm

    No idea. But I've been known to hang up on threatening "IRS" calls from Washington state by people with accents. And I used to get about 5 a week to my cellphone (almost always while I was working, and usually when I'm driving) where they'd start out really friendly and I'd hang up as soon as I heard, "I'll be brief." I get 30-40 a week from within this state that I have Truecaller hanging up on. They rarely leave voicemails, but when they do it's almost always mortgage or student loan tripe.

    I take the mortgage ones as a good sign even though I don't want to bother with them. On/About January 2009 those dropped to near zero. Mostly because people were lucky to keep the houses they bought and couldn't afford in the first place. The lack of calls was a definite sign that the economy stunk. But now that they're picking back up again that means to me real estate is picking up, which means the economy is looking better than it has since late 2008.

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    Re: Strange Phone Calls

    Post  Psycho144 on Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:15 pm

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    Re: Strange Phone Calls

    Post  Joencalif2 on Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:34 pm

    I get those too, they are spammers and worse. I block the number so they can't call me back....

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    Re: Strange Phone Calls

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