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    CONFIRMED – NBC Caught Reporting FAKE NEWS to Lie About Israel For Obama


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    CONFIRMED – NBC Caught Reporting FAKE NEWS to Lie About Israel For Obama

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:34 am

    CONFIRMED – NBC Caught Reporting FAKE NEWS to Lie About Israel For Obama

    Clinton’s right, fake news is harmful and the mainstream media is the one committing this sin!

    On Thursday, NBC based an article on Israel entirely on factual inaccuracies, making it fake news. They said, “For decades, Israel has pursued a policy of building Jewish settlements on occupied territory Palestinians seek for a state.”

    The truth is that Israel removed all of its settlements from the Gaza strip more than ten years ago, way back in 2005. This isn’t just fake news, it’s old news. Maybe that’s why they thought nobody would notice.

    They added another whopper by implying that the Golan Heights are part of a future Palestinian State. Golan Heights is claimed by Syria and is an entirely different matter than the settlements in Gaza.

    Some are suggesting that the untruthful nature of the article is simply a case of poorly done research, like a wayward high school research paper.

    In that case, NBC appears to be an incompetent, lazy source of news. Its just startling that their so-called professionals have gotten so much wrong about this matter of extreme importance.

    The article had not one, but two authors, Ayman Mohyeldin and Cal Perry. It then had to follow the normal editorial process, which would have included several more sets of eyes. More, their direct editor would have expertise in the issues of the Middle East. So, it is absolutely ridiculous that these huge factual inaccuracies fell through the cracks.

    NBC eventually added a footnote admitting to inaccuracies in their article. I’m surprised they actually did this… the blow back must have been too huge to ignore.

    These kind of inaccuracies, even when unintentionally made, serve only to assist the Obama administration and the UN in their goals to push back and control Israel. Every part of this agenda by the globalists is anti-Semitic in nature. Make no mistake.

    Israel, as always, is conducting itself in nothing but a peaceful manner, not advancing into Palestine. The notion that the UN or anyone else has any right to impose itself on a sovereign and democratic nation like Israel is unacceptable. Obama needs to limp off into obscurity.

    Sloppiness? Right.

    Don't forget that NBC was "sloppy" when they altered the 9-1-1 recording of the fracas between Zimmerman and Martin that made it look like George was being aggressive rather than defensive as the recording showed. And in 2010 they buried a story by Lisa Meyers that showed the Democrats knew that between 40% and 67% of policies in existence at the time would go under with Obamacare. And they knowingly let Brian Williams lie any time it built their brand, including his "brave" ride in a helicopter by an RPG that never really happened, his false claim that he flew with SEAL Team 6 into Baghdad at the start of the war there, his lie that he was at the Berlin wall the night it came down alongside Tom Brokejaw, his fraudulent claim to have been in the Superdome to witness a suicide during Katrina, and about 30,000 other phony stories he made up to make himself look better. Because if it enhanced his image, it helped theirs.

    Until he was outed multiple times. Then, because he'd done so much for them, they moved him to their loserest network instead of getting rid of him like an honest company would do. Similar to Hiterly hiring Debbie Whatsername Schultz after she was outed as a crook.

    The only thing "sloppy" that really applies is they slipped up and got caught. Over and over and over and over.

    The masters of "fake news" work for the major media outlets. But they want everything else labeled "fake news" and killed off so everybody has to listen to them to find out anything. And they can control all of it.

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    Re: CONFIRMED – NBC Caught Reporting FAKE NEWS to Lie About Israel For Obama

    Post  Psycho144 on Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:31 pm

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