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    Is Trump still looking for a press secretary?


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    Is Trump still looking for a press secretary?

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:05 am

    This guy is free.

    Trump ally who said he wished President Obama would die of 'cow disease' and wanted Michelle to 'return to being a male in the outback' is sacked from school board

    A controversial Trump ally has been told to resign his school board job a week after shocking comments about Barack and Michelle Obama. 

    Carl Paladino said he wished the president would die of mad cow disease while the first lady should 'return to being a male' in the 'Zimbabwean outback' in an extraordinary outburst.

    He made the remarks in an email response to interview questions from the magazine Artvoice but later claimed he never intended to hit the send button. 

    Paladino has now been told to resign his seat on the Buffalo School Board, according to NBC.

    He previously said he had no intention of stepping down despite public backlash for the comments.

    Other board members voted 6-2 to have him ousted. He was not present at the meeting on Thursday and now has 24 hours to give up his post before the issue is turned over to the Department of Education. 

    Meanwhile a rinky-dink "school" that employs a clown who harasses women on public transport in front of her family is resisting a petition to fire him for premeditation in said harassment. (Petition demanding he be removed here.) It was bad enough that it got him removed from the flight, but apparently not so bad that he shouldn't still be allowed to pollute young minds full of mush.

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