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    Why are Hollywood Libs such Poor Losers?


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    Why are Hollywood Libs such Poor Losers?

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:55 am

    Why are Hollywood Libs such Poor Losers?

    Imagine a guy who “play acted” as a wartime doctor during the Korean War (when he was actually filming in Malibu Creek State Park in sunny southern California) telling some blind veteran who’s in a wheelchair, missing several limbs because of an IED, that the vote that he and so many have fought and died for shouldn’t count.

    Or how about the “celebrity” who “play acts” as a cop from the safety of a sound stage, telling the surviving wife and kids of a “real life” hero patrolman, executed solely for wearing a badge, that their votes shouldn’t count.

    Well, these real life “play actors” who get paid outrageous amounts for pretending to have skills they don’t, have appeared in a PSA calling themselves “Unite for America” -- really. The PSA should actually be called “Sore Losers”.

    With the sound turned off, it looks like a Medicaid ad, but turned up, it is a bunch of whiney liberal “play actors” urging the members of the Electoral College to ignore the law, centuries of fair play and tradition, and do what they say, because Hollywood actors know what’s best for us rabble.

    What qualifies these people who have personal assistants, makeup artists, stand-ins, stunt men, plush motor homes, and their specific brand of chilled sparkling water and treats to even think for a second that they are qualified to comment on “real life” issues much less subvert a long standing election process?

    Apparently when you “play act” as a ruthless bad guy who goes around shooting as many people on film as you can qualifies you in “real life” to push gun control on the millions of responsible citizens that don’t commit gun crimes.

    Perhaps an actress worth countless millions who tells “real life” working moms how tough it is being a “working” “play actress”, having to leave for weeks at a time to make millions qualifies them?

    Does working in an industry rife with addicts, alcoholics, and perverts qualify them?

    Liberal Hollywood actors are entirely out of touch with reality; overpaid, pampered, egotistical, out of step with regular hard working Americans, yet they somehow feel qualified to act as a force majeure and have the Electoral College consider disregarding their word of honor.

    Those of us who go to work every day to take care of our families, often working two or three jobs to pay the bills, buy food and hopefully have enough left over for gas and some extras, have spoken, and after eight years of these spoiled brats getting their way, we are sick and tired of their temper tantrums.

    We’re in the trenches, doing it every day, year after year, while whiney “play actors” receive thousands of dollars an hour, yet many Americans would be happy to earn $12.00 an hour.

    Don’t get me wrong, Hollywood has produced some great actors, one of the top being Jimmy Stewart. In It’s a Wonderful Life he tells Mr. Potter; “Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you're talking about... they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community”.

    We’re not rabble, you’re just lousy losers.

    Boy, do I miss Jimmy Stewart.

    Politicians are as much to blame for the kookism in Hollywood as anybody else. They treat those people like their special people (defined as "import" rather than the way it really applies) who should be listened to and followed simply on the basis of who they are and what they do.

    I remember in 1989 when Congress brought Meryl Streep in to testify about alar. We can discus whether or not it should be banned. But to do so based on the testimony of somebody who "studied" a part to play a farmer's wife is ludicrous. Particularly when they didn't even bother to talk to the people who made and/or used it other than to scold them about it based almost solely on the testimony of an actress.

    If you tell a child from birth that they're the most important person alive and everything they say is brilliant, you end up with a tyrant as an adult. That pretty much defines Hollywood (the whole left for that matter, but on a smaller scale). If/When they ever truly become adults they'll be completely unbearable. (Yes, they can and will get worse.)

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