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    Is Trump disarming his #NEVERTRUMP detractors?


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    Is Trump disarming his #NEVERTRUMP detractors?

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:53 pm

    It sure looks possible to me. And it looks like he's doing it without giving up anything other than his time.

    He met with Romney. Romney praised him left and right. Romney got nothing.

    He met with Algore. The former ventriloquist's dummy talked about how great Trump is and was pleased with the substance of what they talked about. Algore went back out to do whatever Algore does (mostly mislead people into paying his $30,000/month electric bill - could be more now, that's what it was in 2003/4). Other than that Algore got nothing.

    News is he met with Fiorina and talked about a job (Director of National Intelligence). I'd be surprised if Fiorina gets the job. Any job.

    All three of those vehemently opposed Trump. 2 of them have gone silent. (Probably still hoping to get something out of it). I bet the third will be silenced, too.

    If he tries to get McCain to talk to him, I'll know for sure I'm right. Even if McCain doesn't do it, Trump tried. And if McCain does, his girlfriend Lindsey will be silenced, too.

    According to some reports, Fiorina, McCain and Grahamnesty have all been getting money from the Hitlery people to oppose Trump. Grahamnesty has specifically been assured there'd be no serious opposition from the other side when he runs again for senator as part of his deal. All of this was leaked by Wikileaks no less. There's another Senator, maybe two, that are also on the Broomhillary dole. (This is partly, maybe totally, why McCain and his lover have both started claiming being hacked by Russians, too.)

    All of this puts such people in a position that they can't go back out and start opposing again right away because it will call into question their own honesty and judgment if they do. So basically he can shut them up without committing to anything. All he needs to do is make it known he talked to them about a job, then "change his mind" and appoint somebody else.

    All just a guess on my part. But it sure seems like it could be what's happening.

    Also I mentioned Gab in another post earlier. Yesterday Trump showed up with an account on there and started posting. Looks like he's serious about getting around the fake news put out from the lying media. With their viewership and readership in a canyon, this could force some of them to close, some to consolidate, and some to pretend to try being honest. Maybe one or two will even seriously try the honesty route as unlikely as that might seem right now.

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    Re: Is Trump disarming his #NEVERTRUMP detractors?

    Post  JJRobinson on Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:30 am

    Good post...I believe you are right on all accounts... Very Happy

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    Re: Is Trump disarming his #NEVERTRUMP detractors?

    Post  Psycho144 on Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:31 am

    Da troot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Is Trump disarming his #NEVERTRUMP detractors?

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