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    DC’s Transgender Cop Poster Child Turns Out To Be A Pervert


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    DC’s Transgender Cop Poster Child Turns Out To Be A Pervert

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:37 am

    DC’s Transgender Cop Poster Child Turns Out To Be A Pervert

    A transgender police officer in Washington, D.C., who has repeatedly been praised as a community role model has also quietly been reprimanded for improper sexually-tinged antics with underage police interns.

    In a story published Thursday night, NBC4 News profiled Jessica Hawkins as a police officer who “helps build trust in [the] D.C. community” due to his work on an LGBT outreach unit. Hawkins, who previously went by Billy, is biologically male but identifies as a woman, and publicly transitioned two years ago.

    NBC4’s story is just the latest positive one about Hawkins, who has also been profiled by NPR, Metro Weekly and other outlets.

    But a new report by local D.C. station Fox 5 shows another, more disturbing side of Hawkins that hasn’t appeared in profiles. According to the report, Hawkins has repeatedly landed in hot water because of his conduct around interns for D.C.’s police department.

    What is it about interns and perverts?

    “Sgt. Hawkins showed the interns a ‘homemade video of her having sex with 4 men while she was intoxicated,'” Fox’s report says. Another complain filed against Hawkins accused him of taking under-21 interns to an Arlington gay bar, where she helped them buy alcohol and laughed at one intern’s possession of a fake ID.

    According to Fox, Hawkins has admitted that both complaints against him are accurate, and was quite cavalier in the admission. Hawkins even volunteered that he had shown other interns an inappropriate picture on his phone.

    In a statement, D.C. police told Fox that Hawkins’ case is still ongoing.

    My head's reeling. " of her having sex with 4 men..." "Another complain(sic) accused him of.... where she helped...." "....admitted that both complaints against him are accurate....." "even volunteered that he had show other interns an inappropriate picture on his phone...."

    Look, DC. Pick a pronoun and stick with it. Whether that's the preferred pronoun or not, at least be consistent.

    In any case, why is anyone surprised?

    When I worked for the local cops, we had a TG on the force. Same thing, they promoted her existence, the local media fawned over her, etc. As far as I know she didn't turn out to do the things described above. But I think the reason for the change had a lot to do with it. In her case when she was a guy she was in love with a lesbian. Of course, the lesbian didn't want anything to do with the man. So he became a she (a very homely one at that). The lesbian still didn't want anything to do with her because she used to be a he. Anyway, the one here locally was attracted to girls. (Not sure about now, though.) And she also talked about using her "man voice" if she was on a stop and the perp thought he could run away because he was dealing with a girl.

    If anybody is familiar with South Park, it's very reminiscence of Mr/Mrs/Mr Garrison, Mr Slave and that whole thing. All they need now is a lab rat to grow her a new one and the storyline will be complete.

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