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    Dump the dumpers


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    Dump the dumpers

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:09 am

    There's a coordinated effort by a group of extreme leftists (the named ones are mostly associated with the Marxist regime in Washington, DC of Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmmmm). Their goal is to go after "fake news" (a term invented by Hussein to target sites that he doesn't like). A person on Twitter who goes anonymously by the name Sleeping Giants is going after advertisers of these site. The main focus now is Breitbart. (That alone leads me to believe a Hitlery connection since Bannon, who used to work at Breitbart, is working for Trump.)

    Currently 47 advertisers have been blackmailed into blacklisting Breitbart so as to be left alone by the commies trying to shut them down. There's an article here about it.

    I haven't read the entire article yet, so I have no idea if there are links to petitions agreeing to boycott all of the boycotters. But I know there's one for Kellogg's because I signed it. I'll go back to see if there are others I no longer want to see under my roof.

    Just making you aware of this. You can join in the boycott of the coward companies or not.

    My own feeling is I'm sick of the left forcing their way with everything. If companies are going to bow to the crybabies, they need to feel some fallout from the adults.

    I still have a long-time boycott against AT&T and Proctor and Gamble over something I wasn't even interested in. Dr Laura, a person I really don't like much, was going to have a TV show. The left, who hated her outright just for breathing, went after those two advertisers. They folded. I told both of them personally what part of my anatomy they could smooch on and why. P&G tried to claim dumping the show had nothing to do with being harassed by communists. I told them to take that up with the government press because they were gleefully reporting P&G running away after being threatened by the 1-5% of the population that is gay. My whole position was I wanted there to be consequences for their spinelessness. I never cared one way or the other if Dr Laura got a TV show or not since I wasn't going to watch it anyway.

    For the record, AT&T added a second reason for me to boycott them in 2007/8. A company named Southwestern Bell changed their name to SBC Global. Later the original AT&T, which I liked, went out of business. Immediately SBC Global bought the name and changed their name to AT&T. Southwestern Bell/SBC Global is a company I've loathed since I was a teenager, even before the original AT&T was broken up.

    Recently I read AT&T/SBC Global/Southwestern Bell is buying Time-Warner. That's a good pairing since I have a longstanding boycott against them, too.

    Maybe Kellogg's could join in that orgy and make it unanimous.

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