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    Hillary Clinton sees her lowest popularity ratings ever


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    Hillary Clinton sees her lowest popularity ratings ever

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:57 pm

    Hillary Clinton sees her lowest popularity ratings ever

    Hillary Clinton has registered her lowest popularity ratings since taking the public stage a quarter-century ago and her dismal numbers are now on par with Donald Trump’s, according to a poll released Wednesday.

    An ABC/Washington Post poll found 38 percent of registered voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton, while 59 percent view her unfavorably.

    That compares to Trump’s own lopsided popularity numbers of 37 percent favorable and 60 percent unfavorable.
    But while Trump’s results have held steady over the last month, Clinton’s have plummeted as questions linger about her handling of official State Department emails and the Clinton Foundation’s conflicts.

    In the last ABC/Washington Post poll in early August, Clinton had a 46 percent favorable rating, compared to 52 percent unfavorable.

    In a troubling sign for the former secretary of state, her popularity fell dramatically among all voters who were some of her most reliable supporters.

    • Her rating among women dropped from 54 to 45 percent.
    • Among Hispanics, it went from 71 to 55 percent.
    • Among liberals, it went from 76 to 63 percent.

    The Washington Post reported that, if not for Trump, Clinton would be the most unpopular major-party presidential nominee in modern US history.

    The poll of 1,200 adults was conducted from Aug. 24 to 28 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

    Considering who did the polling, it's guaranteed to still be weighted almost 2:1 Democrat, and registered voters versus likely voters. Meaning still skewed very hard in favor of the Wicked Witch (or a word that rhymes with it).

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