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    A bold liar? Or delusional? You decide.


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    A bold liar? Or delusional? You decide.

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:24 am

    Obama: Everybody Loves Me and I Didn’t Cause Trump

    President Obama Tuesday claimed Americans agree with his “worldview” and that he isn’t responsible for Donald Trump’s victory.

    Obama spoke during a press conference with Greece’s prime minister in Athens.

    Throughout my presidency, I’m sure as a matter of convenience, I generally haven’t paid a lot of attention the polls. But since your question’s directly related to the notion of a rejection of my worldview, Last I checked, a pretty healthy majority of the American people agree with my worldview on a bunch of thingsAnd I know that that begs the question, ‘Well, how is it that somebody who appears to have a very different worldview just got elected?” As I said, sometimes people just feel as if we wanna try something to see if we can shake things up, and that I suspect was a significant phenomenon.

    So, the victory of a presidential candidate who won election with the slogan “Make America Great Again” has nothing to do with the current president.

    Obama’s approval rating has risen recently into the mid-50s, probably because people think he can’t do much more harm at this point. But for much of his presidency, most Americans did not approve of his performance. His signature program, Obamacare, is still unpopular years after it was implemented, and the economy has been dragging along at one to two percent annual growth.

    Yes, Mr. President, I think you had something to do with Trump. And you said the same thing after the “Shellacking” of 2010, when Republicans seized control of Congress, asserting that people just randomly want change, and that the same forces that put him in office put Republicans in.

    Oh, and nobody believes you don’t check the polls.

    Once again, Barry heads out to another country to trash the people of this one. Except to claim we all love him, similar to how average North Koreans love their fearless leader, kim Jong Un (often referred to by their only friend, China, as "Jin Sang Pang" or "Kim Fatty III" - whereas Barry's only friends, tyrants and despots, I'm sure, lovingly refer to him as "Idiot" or "Dumbo").

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