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    The left owes a lot to Debbie Whatserbane Schultz


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    The left owes a lot to Debbie Whatserbane Schultz

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue Nov 15, 2016 5:23 am

    Because of the hard work of Debbie Whatsername Schultz and her coterie of like-minded cooks, the left owes a debt of gratitude that the DNC worked tirelessly to steal any chance of winning away from Saint Bernard and to give their party such a stellar choice as a candidate instead.

    As a result, as so often happens in fresh elections (no incumbent), the winner pulls others in the party up, and the loser drags others in the party down. This time was no exception. Few times, though, has the outcome been as dramatic as the following graphics illustrate:

    (Notice in particular the footnote in the last one.)

    As I often do, I reached out to my friends on the left and reminded them to thank Ms Whatsername Schultz for her ceaseless work building up a candidate who could have (and maybe should have) run on Bob Dole's old campaign slogan: It's my turn." I also advised them to look in the mirror and thank the person they see there for not making even a whimper and letting Ms Whatsername Schultz and Mrs. Bubba give them someone that voters decided had more baggage than an airline terminal and should be summarily rejected.

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