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    The Questions That Were Never Put (in Public)


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    The Questions That Were Never Put (in Public)

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:35 am

    The Questions That Were Never Put (in Public)

    The 6' 8" gummi worm who runs the FBI has been shamed by some guy holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London into reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. I suppose if you've run one sham investigation there's no harm in running a second. Happily for Hillary, the media seem more interested in a Helsinki tabloid's report that a former Miss Finland is claiming to have been "groped" by Donald Trump. At this stage the October Surprises are no longer surprising.

    This one was, though: The reason for re-opening the investigation is that they stumbled across further Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's phone. The FBI is apparently investigating Mr Weiner and his spambot penis over his text messages to a 15-year-old girl.

    Hillary has spent the last year successfully avoiding the snares of her husband's sexual pathologies, only to step right into her closest confidante's husband's sexual pathologies.

    There is a certain symmetry about all this. Ten months ago, way back in December 2015, I was on the radio and posed a question that caught the fancy of multiple news outlets:

    Mark Steyn: Why Is Bill Cosby Finished While Bill Clinton Is Beloved?

    Nobody needed criminal convictions to drop Cosby - just multiple accusations of sexual assault and some out-of-court payouts. But multiple accusations of sexual assault, out-of-court payouts and the loss of his law license are apparently not enough to bar Bill Clinton from another eight years in the White House.

    As Jeff Poor reported:

    Steyn pointed out that one has become persona non grata while the other has been universally embraced as "the most beloved guy in America."

    "I mean that as a seriously question incidentally," Steyn said. "Why is Bill Cosby finished? He was the most beloved guy. We keep hearing Bill Clinton is the most beloved guy in America. 'If Bill Clinton was on the ticket, he'd sweep all 50 states. It would be a landslide. Americans love Bill Clinton.' They loved Bill Cosby – nice grandfatherly Bill Cosby. But somehow, for some reason – you don't see 'The Bill Cosby Show' on TV anymore. You don't see it on the rerun channels. He is not appearing anywhere."

    "You'd almost think it's some kind of like racism thing," he continued. "That somehow, when a bunch of women make accusations against the black guy – boom, he's vaporized. When a bunch of women make accusations against some white southern redneck — we're talking about putting him back in the White House for another eight years as First Gentleman."

    Now we learn from Thursday's Wikileak revelations that at least one Clinton campaign official raised the same point. On January 12th 2016 - two weeks after my observation - Ron Klain wrote to John Podesta and others urging that they "set aside some time" in the next 48 hours to sit down with Hillary and address the very same question:

    4. WJC Issues
    a. Is his conduct relevant to your campaign?
    b. You said every woman should be believed. Why not the women who accused him?
    c. Will you apologize to the women who were wrongly smeared by your husband and his allies?
    d. How is what Bill Clinton did different from what Bill Cosby did?

    Jake Sullivan, chief foreign-policy honcho to Hillary and tipped to be National Security Advisor in the Second Clinton Administration, responded nervously to Podesta:

    I think we should go through 1-3 tomorrow.
    John, how to handle 4?

    Indeed. I would love to know if that conversation ever took place, and how it went.

    These Wikileaks are very fascinating. They're basically an October Surprise every 20 minutes - or they would be if the court eunuchs of the American media ever got around to mentioning them. Instead, they're going along - and somehow managing to keep a straight face - with Hillary's war-on-women strategy of defending female "dignity" against Trump. Nonetheless, the fact remains that, a week or two after the usual Democrat hacks berated me for not recognizing that Cosby and Clinton are so totally different, at least one Hillary advisor made the exact same point:

    How is Bill Clinton any different from accused serial rapist Bill Cosby..?

    Aside from being a documented lying philanderer, Clinton has been accused of sexual misconduct from a multitude of women, just as Cosby has. In fact, at least15 different women have accused the former president of rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment. Clinton even shelled out $850,000 to accuser Paula Jones in an out-of-court agreement over her claims of sexual harassment. Clinton, like Cosby allegedly did, seemingly used his clout and political power to prey on his alleged victims...

    Of course, there is one main difference between the two when it comes down to media portrayal: Clinton has seemingly gotten a free pass, whereas Cosby has been vilified and turned into a public outcast. To which conservative author Mark Steyn once asked: Is it the "racism thing?"

    Actually I asked that question sardonically, but, if you're a Clinton endorser like Bill Cosby, it's interesting to note that black lives don't matter when they outlive their usefulness.

    What an interesting election we could have had if only America had a real press. Good to know Hillary's senior advisors share my concern ...if only in private.

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