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    Foundation headaches mount for Clintons


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    Foundation headaches mount for Clintons

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:14 pm

    Foundation headaches mount for Clintons

    Hillary Clinton is under growing pressure over her family’s foundation, which has raised serious questions about conflicts of interest for the presidential candidate.

    Foundation donors on more than one occasion also had business at the State Department when Clinton served as secretary, raising “pay-to-play” allegations from Donald Trump and other Republicans. 

    The controversy deepened after an Associated Press report highlighted the number of Clinton Foundation donors who received meetings with then-Secretary Clinton.

    The Democratic presidential nominee and her campaign have gone on defense in response to the controversy, highlighting the foundation’s good works and noting there is no proof to Trump’s charges. 

    The foundation has also announced steps it did not take when Clinton became secretary of State. 

    If Clinton becomes president, it will not take donations from foreign governments, corporations or citizens or from U.S. corporations and corporate foundations.

    All of which it did while Slick Hillie was selling influence from her cabinet position.

    Yet the story has shown no signs of withering away, and if anything calls for the Clintons to separate themselves from the foundation have increased. 

    Which would then be used as cover by the left and the GOPe for dropping the subject since she'd no longer (theoretically) have anything to do with it.

    In other words, more crimes gone unpunished.

    In reality, there's absolutely no way she'd ever let go on the crime syndicate. It's a cash cow that she won't surrender. Sure, some piece of paper somewhere would show her fingers were no longer in it. But that would be just one more fraudulent act to hide what the Clinton money-laundering operation is really doing.


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    Re: Foundation headaches mount for Clintons

    Post  Ladyelaine on Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:38 am

    I still think they have been grooming Chelsea since birth to take over their political empire.

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