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    You know how you can tell who did best in the last "debate"?


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    You know how you can tell who did best in the last "debate"?

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:02 pm

    No flash polling by the usual media suspects.

    I didn't watch this "debate" or any other because I have no interest watching the entire US left wing go up against one guy. So I always turn to the aftermath to hunt clues.

    I've been looking for polling. I can't find any. I can find one by Drudge and a couple of others. But the stacked flash polls by NYTCBSNBCCNNABCMSNBC seem to be missing. Not saying they didn't do any. Only that there aren't 400 headlines per square inch crowing about the results.

    Sure there are articles from the left about how "terrible" it was. Usually that's a sign that their candidate didn't do very well.

    I submit the lack of flash polls on the left means they're working on rigged polls (the usual: leading questions, over-sampling of friendly respondents, etc) so they can get different results than the flash polls give in order to get the results they want all polls to show.

    In any case, what I find curious about it is flash polls are universally the least reliable of all. If you go to Drudge (which has a flash poll going and leaning Trump; DUH) you can expect polling to reflect a certain leaning based on who frequents that site. Same if you go to Fox, or CNN, or CBS, ABC, NBC, particularly MessNBC. The fact the leftists aren't crowing about their unscientific "scientific" results can only mean they aren't very nice to Hildebeast.

    What IS easy to find is caterwauling from the left. Trump was "nasty." Trump was "unprepared." Trump was "mean." Trump was "unpresidential." But practically nothing about Hitlery, except a claim here or there that she was a "victim" of Trump's meanisms. And no mention of her floundering around when there was talk of her enriching herself in the State Department or as Senator. Or any other direct hit she took. It sounds to me like there were a whole lot of them, but they took none of them on except to "fact-check" a thing here or there, and to claim Trump was a bully.

    I'm still digesting what I find, though, so maybe I just haven't seem the government media's take that I usually can't miss when they can do a marvelous spin job.

    One thing I think Mrs. Bill Clinton should have learned (but probably didn't because she's notoriously not real bright about a lot of things): If you lash out at Trump with innuendo and empty Bernie Sanders (BS) like she did last time, expect to be body slammed repeatedly with the truth and facts not long after.


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    Re: You know how you can tell who did best in the last "debate"?

    Post  Ladyelaine on Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:38 pm

    I watched the entire fiasco.  Preliminary polls today indicate the displayed sewage did not change any voters minds and that is why the media polls are leaning toward the fly's landing site as the winner. 


    Re: You know how you can tell who did best in the last "debate"?

    Post  Guest on Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:42 pm

    Doesn't matter who won the debate, because with these two as the main choices America has lost more than anyone's a sad day in America when this is the best either party has to offer....

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    Re: You know how you can tell who did best in the last "debate"?

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