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    Greens: Climate bank looks to use risky behavior


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    Greens: Climate bank looks to use risky behavior

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:45 am

    Greens: Climate bank looks to use risky behavior

    In the rush to move the Paris climate change deal into effect, some warn that a bank looking to shell out billions of dollars to help developing countries cope with the effects of global warming may be moving too fast.

    The warning is not coming from critics of the Paris deal, the GOP or presidential nominee Donald Trump, but from the climate agreement's top supporters, including dozens of environmental and civil society groups, ahead of this week's meeting of the Green Climate Fund in Songdo, South Korea.

    The Obama administration's support for the climate fund has sparked the ire of Republicans on Capitol Hill over the last year, especially after the administration agreed to sign on to the Paris climate agreement in December with 196 other countries. The agreement is nonbinding, but one of the obligations under the deal would mean providing increasing amounts of federal funding to the green bank.

    If it's nonbinding there ARE no obligations. And if any part of it's binding them=n ignore it because that makes it a treaty, one which hasn't been authorized in the Senate.

    Only in this nation's crapitol could words officially mean something completely different than to the rest of the world. Like reducing the projection of spending being a "cut" (we were gonna spend $200 trillion on welfare, but we "cut" the budget and now we're only going to spend 199.99 trillion, which is still an increase over the 198.5 trillion we spent last year - and Democrats scream about the sky falling as a result of massive "cuts" to po' people). In this case "nonbinding" apparently means we have no choice but to do what the non-treaty says.

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