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    I Have Cast My Vote In The November General Election


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    I Have Cast My Vote In The November General Election

    Post  Ladyelaine on Sat Oct 08, 2016 2:14 pm

    I voted for Mr. Trump by absentee ballot. 

    I noted the remarks he made 10 years ago concerning women, along with his apology.  I took the remarks as simply language which many men sometimes use when talking and posturing with one another, but would not tolerate if it was referring to their wife, mothers, or daughters. I noted the names of all of the Republican hierarchy who are calling for him to resign due to what they call "vulgar" language & unlawful assault. I'm sure he does regret having used the language & his approach toward some women but that was 10 years ago. I'm also sure he would not do so now or in the future. Those Republicans calling for his resignation seem to consider themselves far superior to the average citizen. In referring to Mr. Trump's language as vulgar, they don't seem to realize the word comes from the Latin word vulgas, meaning "the (language of the)common people". Most of my friends are common people who are voting for Mr. Trump and are likewise unlikely to vote for those Republicans who sound like braying jackasses in calling for his resignation as a presidential candidate.

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    Re: I Have Cast My Vote In The November General Election

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:12 pm

    I've had several battles with people on Craig's List about this very thing.

    I don't openly take a position either way on it. I've used similar words myself. Most men I've known have used similar words, most of them privately, but some openly. (I've known a few women who have said similar things, too.) It's banter. You might be offended by the choice of words, but I've heard far worse. And spoken some of them.

    In a Three Stooges episode called Disorder in the Court, the clerk was trying to get Curley sworn in. He kept having trouble understanding. So the judge broke in:

    JUDGE: He's asking you do you swear.....
    CURLEY: No, but I know all the words.

    Don't we all. Most of us use them, too.

    Back to what I was saying, people seem to want to believe this is worse than some other things (their position is intentional, it has to be because the alternative is there's less intelligence in this world than I thought). Things such as Mrs. Clinton's behavior dealing with the "bimbo eruptions." Her hiring of a PI to harass and threaten Kathleen Willey and her family. Her corruption. Her influence-peddling. Her theft. Her covering up (to cover herself and only herself) for people dying in Benghazi. Her espionage (as defined by the laws that made her illegal server not just criminal, but treasonous - to hell with Comey's deliberate inability to find intent because the law prescribes punishment irrespective of intent). Her taking of $250,000 from a children's charity for a speech that only helped them raise $160,000 (Condi Rice spoke to the same bunch for $60,000 and gave every penny back, plus her effort helped them raise more than $200,000).

    The bottom line is, whether I'm offended by Trump's words is meaningless.

    I'm offended that Broomhillary actually has support from people who are unwilling to look at things rationally. I'm offended that I get called names by her and others because I don't want to see a known, proven, documented criminal in the White House. I'm offended that Mrs. Bill Clinton is still walking around (mostly with assistance) outside of prison walls. 

    That's far more offensive than anything anybody could say ever to anybody in my book.

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