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    Hillary having fund-raising problems


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    Hillary having fund-raising problems

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:49 am

    Hillary having fund-raising problems

    Rumors flew online this morning as an urgent email sent to Hillary supporters said that a lack of money caused Hillary to cancel voter canvassing efforts in Nevada for the month of October.

    2 Oct
    Ricky Vaughn @Ricky_Vaughn99
    [ltr]Trump only needs ten more to win. Pick your poison,[/ltr]

    It reads: "Our team in California had to cancel bus trips for volunteer canvassers into Nevada in the month of October -- because we just didn't have the budget to pay for it."

    Why not take a few million from the Clinton Crime Foundation® to cover it? Surely you're still selling influence to foreign dictators and criminal bankers that you're going to be really harsh to (except the ones paying you for doing nothing, that is).

    Now the email may be hyperbole aimed at getting the marks to send their money now -- she is up in the public polls in Nevada and is scheduled to make a rare campaign appearance there, in between the days off she keeps taking. (Will she be a part-time president?)

    I'd prefer a never-president.

    But it does point out that with a staff of over 800 people, she has many mouths to feed. Trump has less than 200 people. He started September with $50 million in cash on hand, while she had $68 million. She raised $59 million in August. He raised just under $50 million.

    September reports come out later this week. Cash-on-hand may be the tale of the tape.

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