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    Secretary Clinton and The Special Contact Lens – Permanent Double Vision…


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    Secretary Clinton and The Special Contact Lens – Permanent Double Vision…

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:24 pm

    Secretary Clinton and The Special Contact Lens – Permanent Double Vision…

    OK. So, is the following real? I don't know. However, there's this:

    • It explains some of the various odd things about Hitlery that we've seen, and explains them in a credible way. With video.

    • It combines a lot of those strange behaviors into one explanation for most or all of it (something easier to swallow than a whole slew of different problems being hidden from the public).

    If it's true, it also exposes Dr. Lisa Bardack as a liar. Not a big surprise if true since almost everybody who gets within 100 yards of a Clinton comes down with the lying disease. Looking at what we've seen of Hildebeast's behavior, it's hard to imagine she's honest anyway when signing a letter saying there's nothing wrong with Hitlery. Her letter isn't worth much more than the one I made up out of nothingness:


    We have been waiting patiently, for over two years, for a moment, a very specific moment, when it was possible to confirm previous suspicions.  Today is that day.

    What outlines below is clear and convincing evidence the 2012 health event of Hillary Clinton resulted in a permanent compromise to Hillary Clinton’s vision.  What is outlined below is why some seemingly innocuous notations can reconcile.  We’ll also explain why the Clinton team cannot reveal the reality.

    Back in October of 2012 the Hillary Clinton health story began around a cold, which became a flu, which became a slip and fall, which became a concussion…. which led to hospitalization for blood clots.

    Pay close attention to the specifics here:

    (Via Politico) […] She was discovered to suffer from “transverse sinus thrombosis” and began taking blood thinners to dissolve the clot. The concussion caused Clinton to suffer briefly with double vision, for which she wore glasses with a “Fresnel Prism.”

    Those symptoms resolved within two months, Dr. Lisa Bardack said, and Clinton promptly dropped the glasses.

    In 2013, a follow-up visit revealed “complete resolution of the effects of the concussion as well as total dissolution of the thrombosis,” Bardack said. She also tested negative for all blood clotting disorders, but remained on daily anticoagulation medication as a precaution. (read more)

    Except we know, because of documented evidence, Hillary Clinton did not “drop the glasses”, she has been spotted wearing them recently.

    February 2016:

    Then, even more recently, September 2016:

    You can clearly see Secretary Clinton did not “drop” the Fresnel Prism glasses, or stop wearing them.  It’s not a conspiracy theory, it is just a reality – Hillary Clinton has worn them, and wears them since the health incident in 2012.  That truth is non-controversial, and not in dispute.

    Once we are clear on the reality that Hillary Clinton currently wears Fresnel Prism glasses; we can then move on to the issue of why: Permanent double vision.

    This is the part the campaign has kept hidden.  The issue is not just that Secretary Clinton does factually wear the Fresnel Prism glasses on occasion -they admit that- the larger issue is that Mrs. Clinton wears a very specific contact-lens  intended to aid with the correction of permanent double vision which seems to stem as a result of that 2012 health incident.

    There are a few ways to deal with permanent double vision:

    [list="border: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 24px; margin-left: 1.5em; padding-right: 0px; padding-left: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Georgia,"]
    [*]wearing glasses

    [*]fixing prisms on your glasses

    [*]wearing an opaque (not see-through) contact lens in one eye


    Focus on #3 – “wearing an opaque (not see-through) contact lens in one eye” – This is the specific evidence we were looking for.


    What you are seeing in that video isn’t actually that weird when you know what you are looking for.

    In that video Hillary Clinton’s right eyelid (your left on screen) catches the contact and pulls it up. Mrs. Clinton’s eyeball moving upward then reengages the contact lens and it goes quickly back into place.

    The result is an odd impression when witnessed because it seems like the eye pupil changes dramatically.  It’s not the pupil changing, it’s the contact lens moving. Watch the video again and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Her eyelid momentarily dislodges the contact lens.

    FURTHER EVIDENCE – When you understand that Hillary has permanent double vision, other behavioral aspects relating to the corrective action for that double vision begin to reconcile.

    ♦ When wearing the corrective contacts Secretary Clinton is essential monocular. The effect means her lower visual field is disrupted. She cannot see well in her lower field of vision. This is why she has trouble with steps and must be careful. This is also why her aides carry a flash light go guide her footsteps and highlight the ground beneath her feet:

    Flashlight assistance:

    And again…. only this video of the flashlight is tricky/sneaky. The aide in this video is giving the impression they do it with all VIP’s because she initially follows Bill Clinton from the van. However, watch Hillary closely and the security (female w/ flashlight) actually waits for Hillary with the flashlight and guides her and Brady Williamson into the debate venue:

    Contours in landscape are challenging to navigate when you are not binocular. Hillary Clinton’s correction for the double vision, the contact lens, means she gives up depth perception because she’s essentially monocular.

    ♦ The Microphone Tell –  Another way the issue manifests is when you consider that Secretary Clinton needs to look at speeches and/or notes.  Here’s where the specific style of microphone we have outlined comes into play.

    When Secretary Clinton is using a teleprompter, she is looking straight ahead.  That’s the best optic range (straight ahead) for her visual ability.  As such, when reading script directly in front of her, she can use a double mic (traditional speech) set-up because she is broadcasting her voice in the direction of her vision – toward the crowd.

    However, AND THIS IS KEY, whenever Hillary Clinton needs to look down -into the weakest part of her visual field- she needs to look straight down.  If she needs to look to the lectern, toward her notes, toward prepared remarks, and/or toward the i-pad containing the remarks,  she needs a single cordless mic.

    The style of microphone is directly tied to the anticipated need for Mrs. Clinton’s field of vision.  The cordless mic provides optimum flexibility when she needs to look down.

    • Reading from  a teleprompter, eyes and voice direction directly straight ahead, means a stationary mic is ok.

    • Press Conference, or the utilization of notes etc., where downward eyesight/vision is needed, a cordless mic is necessary.

    •  Summary so far:  Secretary Clinton has double vision.  To correct that challenge she wears Fresnel Prism glasses, or corrective contact lenses.  The corrective eye wear comes with alternate challenges: depth perception, and lower field of vision loss etc.
    Which brings us to the last points.

    ♦ Why The Secrecy – Why is team Clinton not just admitting the ongoing double vision issue?  No big deal right?
    The uncomfortable answer to that question, comes within the discussion about what causes permanent double vision, and takes us back to 2012 when it was said:

    …She was discovered to suffer from “transverse sinus thrombosis” and began taking blood thinners to dissolve the clot.

    Dr. Lisa Bardack

    In adults, if double vision develops suddenly and isn’t caused by a childhood squint, it may be a sign of another condition affecting the free movement of the eye, or the muscles, nerves, or brain. Conditions may include:

    • A condition affecting the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain, or to the nerves controlling the eye muscles (for example, a stroke )

    I suppose she thinks this is A-OK since they hid FDR's inability to walk from voters all those years. The "two wrongs make a right" defense.


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    Re: Secretary Clinton and The Special Contact Lens – Permanent Double Vision…

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:54 pm

    Hillary Clinton Steadies Herself Before Going Down Stairs

    After finishing a campaign speech in Fort Pierce, Florida, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton grasped an arm to steady herself before going down the steps off the stage.

    After walking to the top of the stairs, she paused and pointed at someone. A man, perhaps a Secret Service agent, approached her from behind and offered her his arm.

    Steady as we go…

    — Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) September 30, 2016

    Clinton steadied herself and took one step, but let go of his arm as she descended the remaining four steps required to leave the stage.

    It's just plain silly to question the health of the Wicked Witch of Arkansas.

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