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    Trump just rolled the press


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    Trump just rolled the press

    Post  sinister_midget on Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:32 pm

    Trump just rolled the press

    So Camp Clinton thought it was clever, and invited Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of Monday's debate. Trump smiled and invited Gennifer Flowers.

    Not Monica Lewinsky. Not Paula Jones. Gennifer Flowers. The first two names are familiar to today's twenty-somethings. Not Miss Flowers. So the Hill was forced to explain:

    Bill Clinton testified under oath in 1998 that he had a sexual affair with Flowers.

    Check and mate.

    Never try to out-Trump the man.

    Not sure how much that might hurt Her Nibs. But the government media would have rather avoided the subject. They'd rather keep totally away from anything during that era that might raise questions about Hitlery. Who knows what unsophisticated voters (to their thinking, anybody other than extreme leftists and media types) might ask and learn about once that door is open.

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