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    On a street in Ohio, defiant Democrats flock to Trump


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    On a street in Ohio, defiant Democrats flock to Trump

    Post  sinister_midget on Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:54 pm

    On a street in Ohio, defiant Democrats flock to Trump

    Standing in the driveway outside her hunter green wood paneled childhood home where she still lived, Skook was scornful of the following that Trump has developed in Struthers, a traditionally Democratic stronghold in the heart of working class Mahoning County, along the eastern flank of Ohio.

    “I don’t understand how any educated person who watches all of the political things on TV can vote for him,” Skook complained. “He’s getting nuclear launch codes if he gets elected. He would just blow up somewhere. I just don’t see him being a good leader.”

    In  case it wasn’t already clear, Skook is voting for Hillary Clinton.

    But here on Como Street in Struthers, where CBS News spent a recent weekend knocking on every door on the block, Skook was in the minority. All around her, the community was ditching their Democratic roots and flocking to Trump.

    Paul Sracic, who has lived in the area for years and is chair of the department of politics and international relations at Youngstown University, described Trump’s “blue-collar billionaire” identity as the perfect cocktail to attract onetime Democrats here. 

    “They know he’s not really a Republican, and that Mitt Romney hates him, so that helps,” Psaric said of the voters in his community. “So instead it’s like, ‘I’m not becoming a country club Republican, I’m a part of Trump’s party.’”

    I don't disagree with any of that. But he's running as a Republican. And the alternative (Broomhillary) is unthinkable.

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