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    The "massive" balloon that wasn't


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    The "massive" balloon that wasn't

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:33 pm

    Also the "massive" crowd that wasn't.

    About That “Giant Trump Baby Balloon”

    Pretty much every American news outlet is gleeful about the “giant Trump baby balloon,” as it is conventionally described, that supposedly is dominating the London landscape while Trump is in England. London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave activists permission to fly the blimp (as it is also referred to), which apparently was needed because it is so “giant.”

    Photos of the balloon/blimp do make it look large, like this one attributed to the Associated Press:

    But this morning, a colleague of mine who is from London got this photo that was taken by a friend. It puts the “giant baby balloon” into context. It isn’t exactly dominating the London skies:

    The New York Post says that protesters “by the tens of thousands” staged a “massive” demonstration against President Trump today. Perhaps so. But what you see in the photo is Parliament Square. If there were tens of thousands, they must have been somewhere else.

    UPDATE: Another photo that shows how the giant balloon towers over the London skyline:

    One Brit marveled that the balloon was so gigantic it could probably be seen as far away as 20 meters (65 feet). They spent £30,000 on that tiny thing (about $40,000). People who donated are asking what they spent the money on. What they got isn't too much bigger than a couple of $29.95 blowup sex dolls.

    In August there's going to be one flown of  London's terrorist mayor, Sadiq Khan. Last figure I saw they'd already raised £50,000 (a little over $66,000) for that one. That was a couple of days ago. It could be double that by now. They're going to fly that one because the mayor is an embarrassment in their eyes for allowing and making excuses for rapes, acid attacks, robberies, pedophilia, terror attacks, etc. Almost all perpetrated by Muslim immigrants.

    Anyway, wotta crowd! Numerous pictures I've seen showed the "tens of thousands" who attended. I bet there were around a couple of hundred, maybe even another 25-30 above that. Some trick camera shots were shown around that made it look bigger. (Kind of like the Hillary rallies where 30 people showed up, so the media crowded them all right next to the stage and took pictures from angles to make it look like hundreds.) Those were for show. They were trick shots by the press used to show a false claim of outrage at Trump. Every single shot I've seen from a distance of 50 yards or more shows nobody was there.

    Meanwhile, this happened outside the castle where Trump met with the queen on his trip.

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