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    Clinton air war fails to sink Trump


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    Clinton air war fails to sink Trump

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:17 am

    Clinton air war fails to sink Trump

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign and its allies are outspending their Republican counterparts by a factor of about five to one, according to a new analysis released Tuesday.

    But the former secretary of State has failed to put away Donald Trump, and many anxious Democrats are baffled as to why the race remains so close.

    Proving they aren't overly bright.

    It's real simple to understand why she can't put him away and why spending a gazillionon dollars won't help. Repeat after me: Hillary Clinton.

    "Email" Dominates What Americans Have Heard About Clinton

    That bit of info alone explains something. We hear more about Trump, but what we hear about Hitlery is unsettling.

    Americans' reports of what they have read, seen or heard about Hillary Clinton over the past two months are dominated by references to her handling of emails while she was secretary of state.

    By contrast, Americans' reports of what they have read, seen or heard about Donald Trump over this same period have been more varied and related to his campaign activities and statements.

    These findings are based on an ongoing research project conducted by Gallup together with the University of Michigan and Georgetown University. Gallup conducted more than 30,000 interviews with U.S. adults from July 11-Sept. 18 to measure Americans' daily recall of what they read, saw or heard about the two major party candidates.

    The word maps use font size to indicate the relative frequency of which specific words appeared for each candidate over the past 10 weeks.

    Note that "email" for Broomhillary stands out more than any two words associated with Trump. With "lie" being a big one, too. Followed by "health", "scandal" and "foundation," all words that work negatively toward her.

    Is there any real question why advertising doesn't work for her?

    Now she could have solved this once and for all just a couple of months ago. All she had to do was tell Bubba to keep his nose out of it and let Lynch indict her.

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