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    Air Force's 'most wanted deserter' discovered working on Janet Napolitano's staff


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    Air Force's 'most wanted deserter' discovered working on Janet Napolitano's staff

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:11 pm

    Air Force's 'most wanted deserter' discovered working on Janet Napolitano's staff

    The former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, managed to overlook the Air Force deserter with top-security clearance on her staff who has been a "most-wanted" fugitive for 35 years.

    In other words, she's just as effective at the university level as she was at DHS.

    Nanette Asimov and Megan Cassidy report in the San Francisco Chronicle:

    Employees in the University of California president's office in Oakland knew their former colleague Tim O'Beirne as the personable, brainy number-cruncher for the UC system's vast health benefits program.

    They were stunned Tuesday to learn that the Air Force has identified him as William Howard Hughes Jr., a captain with top-secret clearance who vanished in 1983.  The Air Force declared him a deserter and one of its most wanted fugitives – and some suspected he had defected to the Soviets – until his capture last Wednesday.

    I will refrain from comparisons of defecting to the Soviet Union to defecting to Janet Napolitano's staff because I am better than that.  Also, he managed to con his way into the U.C. Office of the president years before Napolitano brought her expertise in security to the running of the vast University of California empire in 2013.

     He was contracted to work in the UC president’s office during the mid-2000s.

    If I may, I'd like to point out that that was after 9-11. If memory serves, a lot of people ended up being let go or quit their jobs, some even arrested and sued after that time because they were hired under false pretenses. Usually claiming some training or background that didn't have. That all came about because of increased "security" after several terrorists slipped through the cracks and crashed 3 airplanes.

    O'Beirne/Hughes appears to have risen to a fairly responsible position without any real background-checking:

    Former colleagues say he worked for UC as a consultant for much of the 2000s, preparing presentations to the UC Regents, representing UC in labor negotiations and drawing up the documents that would set forth their health insurance benefits for the rest of their lives.

    "This just floors me," said Judy Boyette, a San Francisco attorney who signed O'Beirne's consulting contracts when she ran human resources and benefits at UC more than a decade ago.  Looking at a photo of her former colleague in custody, Boyette was stunned.  "My gosh, that's Tim!  Oh, my word.  That is unbelievable.  But that's him!  Wow."

    She and other former colleagues described O'Beirne as smart, articulate – especially when describing complicated numbers and concepts so that others could understand them – and kind.

    Hughes reportedly actually took a role in labor negotiations, which is one of the highest-profile and biggest responsibilities of the U.C. Office of the President.  The University of California suffers from labor strife and strike threats on a regular basis.  Payroll is a huge part of its budget.

    Napolitano, an alleged expert on homeland security, apparently remained clueless for five years.  It was the Air Force that caught him.  And it seems to be squeezing him:

    The Air Force said O'Beirne admitted last week that he was Hughes.  He is in confinement at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield amid an investigation, and has not been charged with a crime, said Linda Card, a spokeswoman for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.  No bail or court date have [sic] been set.

    When I heard about this guy, I thought "What a coincidence that was." I was in the Air Force, too. I was also in New Mexico around the same time he deserted. But he left about a month before I got there, maybe two. Plus he was in Albuquerque and I was in Alamogordo. But it was still odd.

    Something about New Mexico seems to do that to people. Not everybody obviously. I want to go live there. But some.

    A little while before I got to Alamogordo, and maybe about the time the above guy deserted, somebody drove up outside the NCO club and sat out there shooting at people. (When I was there that would have been a waste of time because almost nobody ever went there.) The cops finally killed him because he shot at them when they responded.

    I also had an old high school friend that was in New Mexico in the 80s (in Clovis, NM). He was a bomb loader. He predicted at the time I'd never last. (I was around 10 years in by that time.) He got himself thrown out because he hated New Mexico so much. (In Clovis I think I can understand why.) He said he claimed he was gay (I never thought about it in high school, but looking back I think he already was) and got a General discharge over it. Not totally sure his story is 100% factual. Perhaps he did something gay and that was his way of pretending he got out on purpose. Either way, I think his being situated in New Mexico had some bearing.

    A guy I worked with was a fairly odd person, but decent and competent enough. He had a hard time dealing with the boss, as did almost everybody in the shop except me because I've always been able to get along with almost anybody. The odd guy decided it was his fault. So he went to a shrink. The shrink recommended discharge right away. Something loose upstairs apparently, but I was never privy to any of the gossipy details about it.

    While I was there I went with some friend's to the Airmen's club one night (where the shooter above should have gone if he really wanted to shoot people). There weren't a lot of people there that night, but one table was full most of the time we were there. It's hard to explain the whole deal, but we worked with this other guy who was kind of a funny character. One thing he always said was "What's happenin', Bubba" to everybody. It wasn't what he said that was funny, but how he said it. Anyway, one of the guys I was with used to say that a lot trying to sound like Harvey, the guy who used it all of the time. The guy I was with looked over at the other table and one guy was looking toward us. He said that to him. That's it. No more words were passed and I don't even remember anybody looking from one table to the other any more. But after we left the guy he said that to followed us. We didn't know it. Once we got inside the barracks the guy attacked me. I fought him off and he ran out. Another guy wanted to follow him so he could report him. It was dark out. As we walked the sidewalk, the guy came out of nowhere and stabbed the guy that wanted to follow him in the leg. The guy was court-martialed and thrown out for it. I was a witness at the court-martial. But I still have no idea why he did it.

    If I  really thought about it I'm sure I could come up with a lot more like those. Such as the weirdo that lived across the hall from me who would body slam himself on his door if he thought the music was too loud instead of asking that it be turned down. Or the guy who got drunk on Friday night of a 3-day weekend, went and found some vagrant, brought him to the base, fed the guy, got him wasted drunk for the entire weekend and convinced everybody that it was his dad. Or the Wing commander who had millions spent on a parade field so it would look nice, but refused to listen to the people advising him that it was going to be a disaster if he didn't sod the whole field, hire people to take care of it regularly and put in some irrigation to keep it green. That guy, once those millions went up in smoke because it bombed really awful, spent his days thereafter driving around the base and griping at people for not weeding around their facilities, weeds being the only green thing around that wasn't painted.

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