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    Planning To Drive Through Georgia?


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    Planning To Drive Through Georgia?

    Post  Ladyelaine on Tue May 08, 2018 4:08 pm

    Beware, effective July 1 - it will be illegal to have a cell phone in your hand while driving. Drivers will need to have an earpiece, wireless headset or smartphone watch in order to make or receive calls and to use navigational devices. Other than voice to text devices, it will be illegal to text, send or receive emails, browse the internet, or post to social media. Watching or recording videos while driving, other than those used on navigation devices and dash cams will not be allowed. It will be illegal to have a cell phone in your hand or touching any part of your body when stopped at a red light or stop sign. You will be allowed to make hand-held phone calls or use other cell phone functions when legally parked, engine off, keys out of the ignition. Public safety and utility company employees are exempt and emergency calls are allowed only to report accidents, fires, medical emergencies, hazardous road conditions or criminal activity. 

    Better to pass this info along to anyone who is planning a trip this summer in order for them to be prepared and not find themselves seeing dazzling blue lights.

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    Re: Planning To Drive Through Georgia?

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue May 08, 2018 5:17 pm

    Good to know. Also good it's being done.

    I use bluetooth while driving all of the time. My phone is either placed someplace easy to view in front of me or it stays in my pocket. I make calls using voice commands or I don't make them. But it doesn't get touched until I stopped. If bluetooth happens to be turned off on the phone, I don't call or answer.

    Twice I nearly got creamed by people yakking while driving. (Both times they were driving toward me when I had a green light. Once she stopped just in time. The second one I had to slam on the accelerator or I'd be dead.)  At least once a week there's an accident near where I live caused by somebody texting. Around a quarter of those end up in bad injuries, close to half of that result in permanent injuries or death.

    I suggest to people that if they think they should be allowed to text and drive, they should stick a fork in a live electrical socket and see if they still feel that way. For those wanting to talk while driving, I've been known to tell them to lay down in the middle of the street near where I live during rush hour, and if they still think that's a good idea after a half hour laying there, they should go for it.

    I personally think that sort of program should be nationwide. No, I don't think the feds should be involved. But I do think states should take the initiative to fix the problem for the good of everybody.

    That, and voter ID.

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