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    Trump checkmates Democrats in sending Pompeo to North Korea


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    Trump checkmates Democrats in sending Pompeo to North Korea

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:37 am

    Trump checkmates Democrats in sending Pompeo to North Korea

    Are Democrats willing to take the blame for North Korea deploying nuclear weapons that could hit the United States? That’s the question smart Democrats should be asking this week, after the stunning revelation that the White House sent CIA director and secretary of State designee Mike Pompeo to North Korea over Easter weekend to discuss terms for a summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

    Consider that Pompeo’s nomination will live or die on the votes cast by Senate Democrats. Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has already declared his opposition to Pompeo, while Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain has been missing in action for months as the result of his ongoing medical treatment.

    With Senate Republicans holding only a 51-49 majority, the loss of those two GOP votes to confirm means that Pompeo’s fate rests in the hands of Senate Democrats. If all 49 Senate Democrats vote against him, his nomination will die on the Senate floor. If at least one of them votes to confirm Pompeo, he will be the next secretary of State.

    Trump’s decision to secretly send Pompeo to North Korea checkmates Senate Democrats. As far as the North Koreans are concerned, Pompeo is now Trump’s man. Were the Senate to deny him confirmation now because not a single Senate Democrat votes to confirm him would send an unmistakable and dangerous signal to Pyongyang that Washington is weak and doesn’t have its act together.

    That’s not the kind of signal you want to send to the unstable leader of an unstable regime that is just steps away from having its hands on nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to the continental United States. It’s quite possible that were Pompeo’s confirmation be defeated, the discussions with Pyongyang would collapse, leaving no way forward on negotiations to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

    Did Trump decide to send Pompeo to North Korea for precisely this purpose, to lock in Pompeo as a crucial voice in sensitive international negotiations and, consequently, tie the hands of Senate Democrats? Maybe. Maybe not. More likely, Trump sent Pompeo to North Korea because Trump trusts Pompeo to represent him and U.S. interests properly. That’s exactly why Trump chose to nominate Pompeo to take over the State Department in the first place.

    I saw this morning (only read the headline, though) that one DemocRAT has figured this out and is going to vote for Pomepo. So that makes it 49-48 in favor without Paul or McPain.

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