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    They're not all braindead


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    They're not all braindead

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:02 pm


    Since the tragic mass shooting at a Florida high school last month resulted in efforts to restrict firearms ownership by young adults, the Second Amendment Foundation has experienced a 1,200 percent increase in the number of 18- to 20-year-olds joining or supporting the organization, SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb reported today.

    “We normally don’t get that many members or donors in that age group,” Gottlieb noted, “since the gun rights movement typically trends toward older Americans. But the 18- to 20-year-olds have never been specifically targeted before, and they are obviously alarmed. This influx of young Americans into the gun rights movement is important, not just to respond to the current gun control threat, but as the movement has gotten older, it is encouraging to see so many young adults getting involved in support of Second Amendment rights.

    “SAF has always conducted leadership training conferences,” he continued, “but now we’ll increase our emphasis on a younger audience, to integrate them into leadership roles.”

    Gottlieb became aware of the spike in younger memberships after three weeks of almost non-stop news and editorializing about preventing young adults from buying firearms, especially modern sporting rifles. The issue really intensified after legislation was signed in Florida to raise the age limit on firearms purchases, and at least two national chains imposed their own restrictions.

    “It’s important to note,” Gottlieb said, “that this interest surge has been organic on the Internet. SAF did nothing special to make it happen. They have really done this on their own, finding us on the Internet and following up.

    “I want young adults in the 18-to-20 age group to know they are welcome in the gun rights movement,” he stressed. “While the media has paraded high school students to push a gun control agenda, the age group that is now being targeted by that effort is energizing, and showing that there is another side to this controversy.”

    When I was 18 I won a rifle in a raffle. It cost me $0.25 to go home with it. I lived in St Louis at the time.

    It was the first gun I ever owned. My dad wasn't a hunter or a shooter. We live rurally, but we lived in town and didn't need one for protection in a place with only 4300 people. Some of my friends hunted, but most didn't. A few had guns in the house. Some of them even shot guns a few times. It just wasn't a big deal for most of us. But there were shotguns and rifles in trucks that went to school. They always stayed in the trucks. Maybe there were een some handguns or something in some trucks and cars. Nobody knew. Nobody cared.

    After I was given the rifle, I rode home on a city bus openly carrying it. Later that day I rode a city bus downtown and walked into a Trailways bus station carrying my rifle in the open. I boarded a bus with it in my hands. I put it overhead and it stayed there until I got off 50 miles later. I walked from one end of town to the other with it over my shoulder. A couple of friends of mine were with me. We walked out of town and shot at a few things. Then I took it to my parents' house and left it for a few days. I didn't have any interest in the gun, so I sold it.

    Not once was I given a strange look. Not once did cops stop me to ask what I was doing. Nobody gave it a second thought, not even in the city of St Louis, on public transportation, in the bus terminal or on the passenger bus. Not in those days.

    Now they want to say my 19-year-old son shouldn't even have the right to own one after taking a safety course, going through a background check and even getting a permit if needed.

    I just saw this article. I won't be surprised if my boy decides to join after I send it to him.

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