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    What we need is more laws that criminals can break


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    What we need is more laws that criminals can break

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:07 am

    GUN CONTROL FAIL: Here's How 'Out Of Control' Gang Violence Is In Chicago

    Liberals are under the impression that all we need to deter gun violence are more legislative crackdowns on Second Amendment rights. This is nonsense — evidenced, once again, by liberal-run Chicago, a city boasting some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and simultaneously some of the most pervasive violence.

    According to a report from Fox News, the gun violence in gun-controlled Chicago has become so bad that some officials' main objective is to stop gang members' funerals from "turning into shootouts."

    Per city officials, "the issue has gotten so far 'out of control' that one cemetery has started hiring off-duty police officers."

    "It's getting out of control, it really is,” said Hillside Police Chief Joseph Lukaszek, speaking to FOX 32. “The gangs just think that it's a safe haven for them and they do whatever they want to do.”

    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who met with political and religious leaders alongside funeral industry heads on Thursday, hopes to have proposals ready for action by May.

    I have a proposal. And it's only March. You won't like it, but I guarantee things will straighten up considerably within a few months.

    Allow people in Chicago to carry legally-purchased arms. Concealed, open, whatever. Start unquestioned reciprocity with other states in the entire state of Illinois.

    Won't happen. Liberals have unfettered control now. Liberals don't like losing any control once they get it.

    Such shootings have been escalating “over the last ten to 15 years from where it was not much of a problem… to now it occurs more frequently," he said.

    There is already at least one cemetery that has taken steps to tackle the issue by hiring off-duty cops to standby when gang members are buried, the Sheriff told Fox 32.

    "It is dramatic for the families and very dramatic even for the funeral directors, the violence that's going on and all the things that's happening. Guns and knives,” said local funeral director John McCall.

    McCall says he worries about his employees' safety.

    In December, three people allegedly fired shots at a funeral procession in the city. Police chief Lukaszek reportedly "rammed his squad car" into the car carrying the suspects, and guns were found on three of the passengers.

    "We were able to identify the car, and we started following the car after it left the cemetery so it wouldn't create any more problems there,” he said.

    That's reactive. Letting people protect themselves and be prepared in advance is proactive.

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