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    Fight white genocide


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    Fight white genocide

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:05 am

    I think I posted one of these before. If I did, forgive me. But I think it's important.

    We allow illegals to sneak across the border and stay. We allow people from countries that hate us to pretend being young, weak and helpless so they can come here, live off of taxpayers, bring extended families (all the way out to distant cousins and other people who are barely related) and work to destroy who and what we are.

    While we try to reign that in, how about we help people who are being murdered for no reason other than being white? Most of them are land owners. Their government just voted to take away their land without any compensation. The government promises not to kill them all off - for the time being. You know, like the government did in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia a little while before they started killing them all off.

    Without compensation for their land, most of these people don't have enough money to get out before the genocide begins. I assure you, genocide is the next step. As long as we're giving the communist regime money, they'll keep pretending they won't. That is, it won't be official policy. But it's happening whether the government blesses it or not. But even if the people try to travel by land to some other place, every country around them is hostile to them as well. So they're landlocked and don't have the means to get documents and pay for travel to a safer place.

    This is a petition to give them priority as immigrants. It doesn't ask the government to pay their way. (I expect that may be a factor later, too, but I'd hope donations from people could do most or all of it.) It simply asks that government policy be to give them preference so as to allow them to escape before they're all murdered.

    Immigration Priority to South African Farmers facing Systematic Land Confiscations and Murder.

    A related article.

    'We are not calling for the slaughter of white people - at least for now': South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

    If you're of a mind to donate to this, you can do so here. But that's up to you. All I'm asking is that you sign and spread the petition around.

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