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    When the lunatics run the asylum


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    When the lunatics run the asylum

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:13 am

    Teacher talks about safety after Florida school shooting, is told to get psych exam, go on leave

    By nearly every account Timothy Locke is one of the most beloved teachers in the Cherry Hill, N.J., school district.

    Locke is a veteran of the Iraq war and for the past 17 years he’s flavored his classroom lessons at Cherry Hill East High School with real-life experiences.

    But on Feb. 22, the veteran school teacher was summoned to the principal’s office where his bag was searched, he was placed on administrative leave and was ordered to undergo a physical and a psychiatric evaluation.

    According to parents and students Locke’s only crime was to address his concerns about school safety with youngsters in his Advanced Placement History class.  The teacher feared a similar attack could happen at Cherry Hill East.

    How dare he talk frankly with the kids about protecting them when some mealy-mouthed stooged are all over the TV trying to scare the hell out of every kid in the country.

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