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    McCain, at it again, deals with Dems and kills wall funding


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    McCain, at it again, deals with Dems and kills wall funding

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:16 pm

    McCain, at it again, deals with Dems and kills wall funding

    Sen. John McCain is reportedly joining with Democratic colleague Christopher Coons to introduce legislation that gives Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ illegals a path to citizenship, but denies President Donald Trump his funding to build a wall.

    McCain giving the Democrats what they want at the expense of the Republicans — now there’s something you don’t see every day, right? Not.

    A Republican in the House, Rep. Will Hurd, has introduced a companion measure, along with Democrat Pete Aguilar, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    Once again, Republicans are caving to Democrats and refusing to fight for a key element in controlling the border. Makes a voter wonder why bother to vote at all, yes?

    The idea, ostensibly, is that Republicans and Democrats want to fund the government and avoid another shut-down scenario, as The Hill noted. But let’s remember: The wall — or at least a fence, which some argue is one and the same as a wall — has already been approved. Back in 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, signed into law by then-President George W. Bush. It was never funded. But the border protection is both old and constitutionally rubber-stamped.

    Conversely, creating a pathway to citizen for the so-called “Dreamers” is the newer matter — and one that was never legislatively approved. DACA was a dream of the Barack Obama White House, a solo executive act and a loud smack in the face of good constitutional governance.

    Yet this is where the Republican-dominated Congress has chosen to place its priorities?

    Trump has made the wall a key facet of his border control; he simply wants the funding to help finish the job Congress promised back in 2006.

    Here's what I predict: They'll push this, it will die, they'll resist any effort at a wall, the government will "shut down" (I wish!) for another weekend or so, they'll come back to fight it again (with Trump no worse off) and they'll waste their time (and ours) completely. The only thing I won't predict yet is the final outcome. Will they give up their nonsense at the last minute to get something? Or will they keep fighting until it's too late, lose everything and then wail and moan about how awful it is they wasted their time and lost their chance? (They won't use those words, mind you, but that will be what happened if it goes that way.)

    I could see it ending either way.

    If they have any sense at all (they're lefties, so don't jump to their defense too soon) they'll cave and promise to fight it again if people are ever foolish enough to elect them in large enough numbers. An upside for them there is they'll have some illegals around to illegally vote for them. It's not a sure thing it'll be in large enough numbers because ICE is cracking down big time, and the DOJ is going hard after probable illegal voters. Another upside is they can show mindless touchy-feely types how much they "care" about destroying the futures of the touchy-feely types. They have downsides, too. One is that an awful lot of anti-American illegals and their criminal activist backers will be mad that they caved. Also, any "win" they have by keeping "dreamers" around is short-lived. The only deal Trump has offered is a 12 year "pathway to citizenship" for them. The vast majority won't make it 5. Because they have to keep themselves from breaking the laws, learn the language, take care of themselves instead of the government doing it, etc. I don't know the numbers, but I suspect around 70-75% are already ineligible based on that. Even if you clean the slate and let them start over, most of those will be guilty of crimes and/or be living off of government handouts again very quickly. Which will be grounds for deportation.

    The only other outcome for negotiating is they stick to it. If they do, they'll lose. They'll lose DACA permanently. They'll lose chain migration related to DACA. They'll lose illegals wanting to stick around because ICE is cracking down on employers as well as gang members, and when they do there are often many other people swept up who might be exempt in a deal. The illegals and crooked advocates will love them, though. Right up to the time they're deported and realize a bad deal (in their eyes) was actually a better idea.

    Either way, bet on a wall/fence combination. It's already the law. Passed by Democrats. They refuse to do more than token funding, which was the whole idea. They wanted to sound tough, but never really get serious about it. But it's still the law. And Trump shows almost weekly how much better he is at this than they are even though they've been politicians all of their lives and he hasn't. (Actually, that's exactly why they're awful at dealing with anybody who isn't a politician when they can't exert government oppression on whomever they're dealing with.)

    Another thing you can nearly bet on. The Democrats will be slaughtered in the fall. More and more people are seeing the rapes, murders, robberies, drunk driving deaths, gang violence and all the rest the "dreamers" are involved in. And they're getting sick of it. Part of the reason they're finding it out now isn't because of an uptick. It's because the Democrats are fighting to keep it and people who saw the troubles all along are fighting back, making it better known. I say you can NEARLY bet on it only because Republicans are masters at losing everything just as they about about to win.

    Few skills are so well rewarded as the ability to convince parasites that they are victims.
    -- Thomas Sowell

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