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    Nothing is ever your fault


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    Nothing is ever your fault

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:05 pm

    If you're a weak-minded SJW (usually millennial at that), it's always everybody else's fault that you're stupid.

    In this case, that may be true. But not in the way this idiot alleges. It may be their fault that she's still there despite being too dumb to breathe.

    Stupid College Kid Protesting Trump On Highway Gets Hit By Car – Sues School For Not Protecting Her

    Last year, students at UC San Diego were protesting the election of Trump and marched out onto a nearby highway. One of the students was hit by a car. Now she is suing the school for not stopping the protest. You couldn’t make this up.

    The College Fix reported:

    Student protester hit by car as she blocked freeway sues UC San Diego
    The University of California-San Diego is now embroiled in a personal injury lawsuit after an election protest gone wrong.
    Mariana Flores, a sophomore at UCSD, was demonstrating against Donald Trump’s victory on a busy San Diego freeway when a vehicle hit her. The accident crushed her pelvis, fractured her leg, and caused other serious injuries, reported The Guardian campus newspaper.
    Flores, in her suit filed in late November, partly blames campus officials for her injury, arguing they should have stopped the protest before it got dangerous, according to news reports.
    Flores’ attorney did not respond to requests from The College Fix seeking comment. A UC San Diego spokesperson said that the university could not comment on pending litigation.
    The Nov. 2016 protest had began at “Library Walk” and journeyed through campus. Next, demonstrators ended up on the I-5, a very large and busy eight-laned freeway that cuts through San Diego.

    This young social justice warrior has no one to blame but the Democrat party and herself.
    Here’s a video of the incident. Strong language warning:

    Few skills are so well rewarded as the ability to convince parasites that they are victims.
    -- Thomas Sowell

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