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    Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of starting Obama 'birther' myth


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    Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of starting Obama 'birther' myth

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:10 am

    Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of starting Obama 'birther' myth

    Donald Trump has acknowledged Barack Obama was born in the US and accused Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival for the presidency, of starting the controversy over the president's place of birth.

    Speaking in Washington DC, Mr Trump said that the so-called birther debate had been started by Ms Clinton during the 2008 election campaign, and that he was, in fact, ending the discussion.

    "Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean," he said.

    "President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again."

    The Republican candidate had earlier promised a "major statement" on the birther issue, ensuring media attention, but he had already conceded Mr Obama was born in the US in a statement released by his campaign on Thursday.

    No he didn't. He promised a "major statement." You morons tacked on the birther stuff.

    Ms Clinton's campaign reacted angrily to Mr Trumps' announcement, with the Democratic hopeful tweeting "What Trump just did is a disgrace".

    She also pointed to the Politifact website, a site that fact-checks claims made by US politicians, and which has assessed Mr Trump's contention that Clinton's 2008 campaign started the birther rumour as "false".

    Yes, the media went directly into overdrive to try to cover up her campaign's hand in the mess:

    Trump admits Obama born in US but falsely blames Clinton for 'birther' claims

    Recidivism Watch: Trump repeats debunked claim that Clinton ‘started the birther controversy’

    No, Hillary Clinton did not start the 'birther' movement

    PolitiFact: Trump repeats false attack that Hillary Clinton was behind Obama birther movement

    But in their rush to circle the wagons, they failed to look at the historical record. Not surprising since the last thing they want to do with regard to the Wicked Witch is to get the story right:

    2 Clinton supporters in ’08 reportedly shared Obama ‘birther’ story

    Clinton Adviser Sid Blumenthal Spread Birther Story

    (Anybody who would believe the multiply-discredited Politifact or the equally-disgraced WaPo on something like this deserves the eventual humiliation they'll face when their own past history comes back to show they said the same things themselves years ago.)

    And here's a story in a British publication that backs the national origination. One often has to look to the Brit media to tell the truth about things in this country since our own government media likes to take sides and cover up for their preference. This article points to the real origination date back in the middle of the aughties. But it also points to the originating of it as a national thing by none other than the Hildebeast people.

    Birther row began with Hillary Clinton supporters

    False rumours about Mr Obama’s background first surfaced in 2004, in Illinois, where he was a state senator. Andy Martin, a perennial local candidate and litigant, claimed Mr Obama was secretly Muslim.
    Related theories — including that he was radicalised in a “madrassa” in Indonesia — developed after Mr Obama entered the national stage with a speech to the Democratic National Convention later that year.
    In 2005, Mr Obama went to Washington as the junior US senator for Illinois. The rumours about him persisted, but seemingly failed to take hold among political insiders and voters alike.
    It was not until April 2008, at the height of the intensely bitter Democratic presidential primary process, that the touch paper was properly lit.

    An anonymous email circulated by supporters of Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama’s main rival for the party’s nomination, thrust a new allegation into the national spotlight — that he had not been born in Hawaii.

    For the record, no birth certificate was ever release. A fake thing was put out to make it all die down. But it was so crudely done I'm not even sure Dan Rather would have fallen for it like he did the fake Bush papers that got him removed from the anchor desk.


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    Re: Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of starting Obama 'birther' myth

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:40 am

    Hillary falls into Trump’s birther trap

    Once again Donald Trump has outsmarted his opponents in multiple dimensions.  Trump haters are in high dudgeon over yesterday’s repudiation of the notion that Obama was born outside the United States.  John Hinderaker of Powerline explains the first dimension of the outwitting:

    [Friday] morning, Trump himself tweeted:

    I am now going to the brand new Trump International, Hotel D.C. for a major statement.

    Reporters assumed the statement would be about Obama’s birthplace, and, sensing an opportunity to halt Hilary’s decline in the polls, hurried to the Trump International en masse, with camera crews in tow. The cable news networks cleared time to broadcast the anticipated Trump humiliation live.

    Instead, they were treated to 20 minutes of military figures endorsing Trump. Live, on CNN and MSNBC!

    Note the characteristic Trumpian jujitsu: he uses their anti-Trump momentum against his enemies. So eager to turn the conversation to what they thought was favorable ground for Hillary, the nets gave up their most precious commodity, unfiltered airtime.

    Having been had, they were not gracious:

    This is a f--king disgrace...
    — Glenn Thrush (@GlennThrush) September 16, 2016

    This allusion to obscenity was accompanied by even more disgraceful media behavior.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Hillary Clinton took the bait:

    Hillary Clinton said Friday there’s no “erasing” the “birther” issue for Donald Trump, saying the GOP presidential nominee’s campaign was founded on the “outrageous lie” that President Obama was not born in the United States.

    “We know who Donald is. For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president,” Mrs. Clinton said at an event in Washington, D.C.

    “His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie,” she said. “There is no erasing it in history. Just yesterday, Trump again refused to say with his own words that the president was born in the United States. Now, Donald’s advisers have a temerity to say he’s doing the country a service by pushing these lies.

    “No, he isn’t,” she said. “He is feeding into the worst impulses — the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country.”

    “Barack Obama was born in America, plain and simple, and Donald Trump owes him and the American people an apology,” she said.

    “Donald Trump looks at President Obama after eight years as our president — he still doesn’t see him as an American. Think of how dangerous that is,” she said. “Imagine a person in the Oval Office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are.”

    There is only one teensy-weensy problem with this self-righteousness. Hillary’s 2008 campaign against Obama for the nomination was the source of the original birtherism. And they exploited it in the characteristic Clintonian fashion: indirectly, passing along rumors in private.  David Goldstein of McClatchy:

    Two supporters of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign reportedly shared the claim that then-rival Barack Obama was not born in the United States and thus was not eligible to be president.

    One was a volunteer in Iowa, who was fired, Clinton’s former campaign manager said Friday. The other was Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal, according to a former McClatchy Washington Bureau chief.

    The issue arose Friday as Donald Trump finally acknowledged that Obama was born in the U.S. Trump, a leading champion of the debunked “birther” conspiracy theory for years, attempted to blame Clinton for starting it when she ran against Obama in 2008 for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In fact, there were several people publicly pushing the theory, which was repeated extensively on conservative news outlets. There were the two Clinton supporters, but there is no evidence that Clinton herself or her campaign spread the story.

    Of course there is 'no evidence." Hillary wants deniability. But unfortunately for her, the DNC hack revealed an incriminating memo from campaign strategist Mark Penn that gave away the game. In addressing what could hold Obama back, number two on a list of four items is Obama’s “Lack of American roots.” And a bit later in the memo comes this: “We are never going to say anything about his background” --  while using it against him.

    This is Clinton’s strategy, and Sid Blumenthal implemented it.

    Update: It was known at the time that the Hillary Camp was pushing these rumors. On August 11, 2008, CNN wrote:

     Sen. Hillary Clinton's one-time chief strategist wanted to attack Sen. Barack Obama for lacking "American roots" during the Democratic primary battle, according to a magazine article set to be published online Monday evening.

    "All of these articles about his boyhood in Indonesia and his life in Hawaii are geared towards showing his background is diverse, multicultural and putting that in a new light. Save it for 2050," Mark Penn, then Clinton's chief strategist, wrote in a March 2007 memo, according to an article to be published in the September edition of The Atlantic magazine.

    If Hillary Clinton is going to demand that Trump apologize, then Trump can demand she apologize for her campaign’s sneaky introduction of the issue while hiding her own campaign’s role.  Keep in mind that Hillary is already distrusted, so this kind of thrust on Trump‘s part would confirm that negative appraisal.

    Poor Hitlery!


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    Re: Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of starting Obama 'birther' myth

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:51 am

    AP Ignores New Developments, Still Insists: 'No Evidence' That Hillary Started 'Birther' Rumors

    The press continues to ignore reality by insisting that it's a settled matter that Hillary Clinton and company were never involved in fomenting and promoting the Barack Obama "birther" rumors.

    Even today, with damning new evidence that a campaign apparatchik started such an effort, and that a confidant whose relationship with the Clintons goes back to Bill Clinton's presidency pitched the story to a former journalist at the McClatchy news service, reporters Jill Colvin and Jonathan Lemire at the Associated Press, insisted, as if it's an undisputed fact, that "there is no evidence" that "the 'birther movement' was started by Hillary Clinton."

    The AP pair's attempt to move things along toward their desired narrative was contained in their report on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's statement that "President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period."

    But Trump also weighed in on where it all started, and this is what set Colvin and Lemire off:


    After five years as the chief promoter of the false idea that Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States, Donald Trump reversed course and admitted on Friday that the president was - and then claimed credit for putting the issue to rest.

    ... But as Trump sought to put that false conspiracy theory to rest, he stoked another, claiming that the "birther movement" was started by rival Hillary Clinton. There is no evidence that that is true.

    "Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it," Trump said. "I finished it, you know what I mean."

    While the birther theory was pushed by some bloggers who backed Clinton's primary campaign against Obama eight years ago, Clinton has long denounced what she's called a "racist lie" that sought to "delegitimize America's first black president."

    The AP pair is actually pretending that Mrs. Clinton denunciations have anything to do with proving where the "conspiracy theory" started. They don't. Their "proof" isn't proof at all.

    Early Friday afternoon, Kyle Drennan at NewsBusters ran down the press's own opposite findings in the matter. His post demonstrates that "the Clinton camp," i.e., people in Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign campaign and others with a media and/or Internet and social media presence who supported her effort to defeat the-Illinois Senator Obama for the nomination, were involved.

    That was enough for several members of the Morning Joe team at MSNBC to declare several months ago that Hillary Clinton started it all. Note how arch liberal Mika Brzezinski is in complete agreement, and even tries to get former Tennessee Democratic Senator Harold Ford to zip it when he wants to object:

    Transcript (bolds are mine):

    JOE SCARBOROUGH: For Hillary Clinton to come out and criticize anybody for spreading the rumors about Barack Obama when it all started with —

    MIKA BRZEZINSKI: On 60 Minutes.

    SCARBOROUGH: When it all started with her and her campaign passing things around in the Democratic primary. Rich. Now, listen, the Republicans are wrong for doing what they’re doing. But it started, this started with Hillary Clinton. And it was spread by the Clinton team.

    BRZEZINSKI: We're just telling the truth.

    SCARBOROUGH: Back in 2008.

    BRZEZINSKI: I really, Harold, please, don't, don't.

    FORMER TENNESSEE SENATOR HAROLD FORD: But Mika, you can't tell me to stop when the two of you are making comments.

    If any of you have a, if there's a basis, an actual evidentiary basis for what you're saying, then I would agree with you.

    SCARBOROUGH: That they're the ones that spread it in 2008.

    FORD: That spread what in 2008?

    SCARBOROUGH: That Barack Obama - that Barack Obama may not be a (unintelligible) —

    UNIDENTIFIED PANELIST: Well we should ask Heilemann this question, because he's the official, the official story of the 2008 campaign.

    FORD: I don't, I don't recall that, but if you're telling me that's the case, I just don't recall it.

    SCARBOROUGH: John Heilemann?

    HEILEMANN: It was the case.

    FORD: It was the case?

    SCARBOROUGH: It was the case. Thank you, John Heilemann.

    BRZEZINSKI: And didn't she go on 60 Minutes and not actually say no? She said, "Oh he says he is." What was that? Harold?

    HEILEMANN: I'm offering my ruling.


    HEILEMANN: I'm affirming, I'm affirming, I'm affirming the Scarborough-Brzezinski case.

    (Note: That Obama wasn't born in the U.S. is clearly one of the "it" rumors to which the panel was referring.)

    The two developments today moved the nexus of the birther movement's initiation even more obviously closer to Mrs. Clinton herself. The first is that a former Clinton campaign manager has admitted that the "born outside the U.S." contention was first promulgated by a "staffer" within the Clinton campaign:

    Patti Solis Doyle, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2008 until the Iowa caucuses, admitted on Friday that a Clinton campaign staffer had, in fact, circulated the Birther conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born outside the U.S. and therefore potentially ineligible to serve in the presidency.

    Doyle made the admission on Twitter, as she responded to former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer.Fleischer said that Clinton’s staff had spread the rumor. Doyle said that was a “lie” — but admitted, in the same tweet, that she had fired the “rogue” staffer who had used email to spread the Birther conspiracy theory.

    Ah yes, the old "rogue staffer" trick.

    Unfortunately for Team Clinton, that won't fly, because as far back as March of 2007, Clinton pollster Mark Penn set the environment for the campaign's focus by laying out a strategy of going after Obama because "his roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited." Penn didn't want to go negative, but as Obama gained the electoral upper hand in primary after primary, it's very reasonable to believe, given the stakes, that the temptation to go negative following Penn's general direction — and to look the other way as it was happening — was overwhelming.

    The second development is far more damning. As reported by the Daily Caller:

    Hillary Clinton surrogate Sid Blumenthal personally pitched a reporter on the President Obama “birther” story when she was campaigning for president in 2008, a former Washington reporter said Thursday.

    The Clinton campaign and the media have consistently refuted Trump’s claim Clinton started the birther movement, which Trump re-upped Friday when he said for the first publicly that he believes Obama was born in the United States. “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” Trump said, drawing a slew of media fact checks almost immediately. “I finished it.”

    But former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief James Asher has backed up Trump’s version of events, saying he was personally pitched the story by a Clinton surrogate in 2008.

    Clinton had tweeted: “President Obama’s successor cannot and will not be the man who led the racist birther movement. Period.”

    And Asher replied: “@HillaryClinton So why did your man #sidblumenthal spread the #obama birther rumor to me in 2008, asking us to investigate? Remember?”

    Blumenthal is a former aide to Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton and their long-time friend.

    “#CNN says #Hillary team in 2008 never raised the #birther issue,” he said in another tweet Thursday night. “#SidBlumenthal, long-time #HRC buddy, told me in person #Obama born in #kenya.”

    Here are the two referenced tweets from Asher (originals are here and here):

    Sidney Blumenthal is a longtime Clinton confidant who was described in a 2015 New York Observer column as "Hillary's hatchet man."

    Blumenthal's connection to the Clintons is so strong that Mrs. Clinton wanted to bring him on board when she became Secretary of State. When the Obama administration vetoed the idea, Mrs. Clinton used Blumenthal as an unofficial adviser, particularly in connection with Libya, and even received emails containing classified information from him — which of course begs the question of how Blumenthal gained access to information he clearly was not authorized to have in the first place. It's virtually inconceivable that Blumenthal would free-lance on a matter so serious involving Mrs. Clinton's presidential candidacy without her tacit or direct approval.

    Note that Asher's tweets went out very late Thursday and shortly after midnight on Friday. That's over 13 hours before the time stamp of the AP dispatch by Colvin and Lemire. Asher's tweets tear to shreds their already very weak claims that "there is no evidence" that Mrs. Clinton was involved in the beginnings of the birther movement, and that Donald Trump's contention that she was is a "false conspiracy theory."

    Memo to AP and all the other establishment press outlets claiming that Donald Trump is making a false claim about Hillary Clinton: Yes, there is evidence, and no, it's not a false conspiracy. You just don't have the courage to do your jobs, break from your reflexive pro-Hillary mindset, and report it.

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    Re: Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of starting Obama 'birther' myth

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