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    How Much Does Hillary Clinton Weigh?


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    How Much Does Hillary Clinton Weigh?

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:06 pm

    How Much Does Hillary Clinton Weigh?

    Now that Republican nominee Donald Trump’s weight is a subject of discussion in the 2016 presidential election, no one seems to be asking: How much does Hillary Clinton weigh?

    Trump and Clinton released new details about their health after shocking footage of Clinton collapsing while being hoisted into a van Sunday forced her campaign to disclose her pneumonia diagnosis. Clinton released a letter from her doctor with more details, while Trump revealed aone-page summary of a recent exam on the “Dr. Oz Show.”

    The media quickly seized on Oz’s finding that Trump is overweight, while rushing to proclaim Clinton a normal and perfectly healthy woman, apart from her cough and pneumonia diagnosis.

    And her moments of cluelessness, sometimes almost in mid-sentence. And her inability to campaign more than a few days a month.

    “Donald Trump Checkup Said To Reveal He Is Overweight,” reads a New York Times headline. Similarly, Forbes ran a piece about how the surprising reveal in Clinton’s records is that “she appears to be a normal, healthy woman who happened to get an infection.”

    The Washington Post ran an opinion piece explaining why voters should care about Trump’s weight, citing a Georgetown University warning on the dangers of obesity. “It is ironic that Trumpkins have made such a to-do about Hillary Clinton’s health,” Jennifer Rubin writes in the piece. “He’s got a real issue that isn’t going to be cured by a couple days of bed rest.”

    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid commented similarly on Trump’s weight before it was actually released, criticizing his eating habits and contrasting Clinton’s “curable” pneumonia with his weight problem. “He’s not slim and trim,” Reid told reporters.

    Think Progress editor Judd Legum went on a tweet storm regarding Trump’s weight, clarifying 15 tweets in which he purportedly did not intend to “body shame” Trump, but merely point out that Trump is not in perfect health. “Trump would have to lose 70 pounds to have a ‘normal’ BMI,” he tweeted.

    Clinton’s weight, however, was not released by her doctor. And although various celebrity sites have put her weight at somewhere between 130 and 170 pounds over the years, their credibility is dubious at best. The only way to settle the number would be for Clinton to volunteer the information.

    If all of these concerns about Trump’s health because of his weight are legitimate, wouldn’t these outlets and journos be clamoring for Clinton to release her weight?

    Or actual results of a physical instead of a vague overall explanation about her "wonderful" condition?

    And while we're at it maybe an explanation for how she can have two different body builds on the same day with just a short time between them. And differences in hair on the same day, not just once where a simple change could have been made, but two or more times in a relatively short period. Any why the Secret Service is a couple of footsteps away when she's one body build, but nowhere to be seen when she's the slimmer Broomhillary.

    Just curious.....

    If they were a genuine press they WOULD want to know. If they were a genuine press.

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