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    How Bernie Sanders Die-Hards Echo Clinton Conspiracy Theories


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    How Bernie Sanders Die-Hards Echo Clinton Conspiracy Theories

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Sep 16, 2016 1:18 pm

    How Bernie Sanders Die-Hards Echo Clinton Conspiracy Theories

    Calling questions about her health "conspiracy theories" implies it falls in the realm of kooks. In reality the kooks are the ones who claim there's nothing to it even though it's impossible to miss and/or to accept her silly, simpleton explanations for the inexcapable problems she's having.

    Some conservatives are hard at work spreading conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health in an attempt to disqualify her from seeking higher office. Video footage of the Democratic nominee stumbling as she abruptly departed a 9/11 memorial on Sunday, combined with news that she had contracted pneumonia, has fueled rumors on the right that Clinton may be concealing a far worse medical condition. But it’s not just conservatives indulging in wild speculation. At least some die-hard supporters of Bernie Sanders are echoing, and in some cases amplifying, unproven claims that Clinton may be covering up serious health problems.

    They may be medically unproven. But there are videos, pictures and more. And not just 9-11, but stumbling up steps, stumbling down steps, having to be assisted to stand, walk and climb, the same guy running to her rescue in those moments when she clearly loses track of who she is or what's going on around her, etc.

    For a contingent of Sanders supporters who remain convinced the primary was rigged and distrust the media and the Democratic establishment, it isn’t much of a leap to believe Clinton has been dishonest about her health. Some have even raised the possibility that she’s gone to great lengths to conceal the truth: In a videoposted to Facebook on Monday that has been viewed 11,000 times, Sanders supporter Adryenn Ashley suggests that Clinton may have used a body double after leaving the memorial to conceal health problems. “I think she’s way, way, way sicker than just pneumonia,” Ashley says in the video.

    They're only "convinced the primary was rigged" because emails were hacked and leaked which prove it. Debbie Whatsername Schultz didn't  resign from the DNC chair just because people said some unflattering things abut her. She resigned because she'd been caught, she and many others at the DNC, colluding with Hitlery's people to keep Bernie from having any chance whatsoever.

    Speculation that Clinton has employed a body double to hide illness has spreadon right-wing websites in the aftermath of her swift departure from the ceremony last weekend. The Clinton campaign dismissed the idea as an absurd conspiracy theory, but that won’t put an end to the rumor—or others like it—for anyone inclined to believe. “There is something the campaign is hiding,” Ashley, who identified herself as a progressive, told me in an e-mail. “They want to call any question of her health a conspiracy theory. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact.”

    You're right. Maybe it's not a body double. Maybe Broomhillary gains and loses 15 pounds an hour. And maybe right after she loses that weight, the Secret Service stays a long way away from her. It can't be because they aren't allowed to protect a person they aren't detailed to protect, such as a body double.

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