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    BEWARE: New (?) Scam


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    BEWARE: New (?) Scam

    Post  Ladyelaine on Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:10 pm

    Shortly after 2PM EDT today my home phone answering machine recorded a received call from ID # listed as 800 Service which originated from 888-864-9865. Message stated that my license to use a Windows computer had expired and if I used one without renewing the license that I would be imprisoned for up to 4 years - to renew please press 1 now or call back on line 888-794-0367 immediately. 

    Research indicates a virus is involved which will wipe out an entire browsing system if a person is gullible enough to dial that number.

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    Re: BEWARE: New (?) Scam

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:15 pm

    Scams are all over. I get at least 20 a week (that's after blocking close to 20, and another 30-40 automatically blocked) offering to make my student loan either cheaper or go away. I've never had a student loan. My wife never had a student loan. My son doesn't have a student loan.

    Another one, or maybe several, I get a call from a local number. If I answer it as soon as I do I get a tone. That tells me nobody was listening, they were robo-calling to try to sell something. The tone is an indicator that they weren't lsitening, they were waiting for the machine to notify them that I picked up. Most of those I've already blocked. But with the ability to fake numbers, some still happen.

    A similar one. They call, I answer. It's always a local number I don't know. It always starts with "How are you today." If I don't hang up first, the next thing they say is always "I'll be brief." They used to always call me while I was working and driving. I always hung up. I haven't had one of those since I quit, so maybe they got the message.

    Pretty soon you'll start getting threatening calls from an "IRS agent" in Washington state with a foreign accent. Hey'll tell you you're going to jail if you don't give him account information. I only talked to one once. He told me to give him my social so he could verify who I was. I told him he called me so he should already know. I said that he should go look me up if he forgot and call me back once he knows who he's calling. I hung up. He didn't call. All of the other calls that came to me from there were blocked (I blocked the whole area code), but the foreigner left a voicemail with all of the appropriate threats. I changed phones since then, so I'll probably get at least one before I block the entire state again.

    I block every call that doesn't come from the 2 area codes immediately around me. Except my mother or sister and their area code (in case they have to use a different phone for some reason). I have no relatives out of state that I want to talk to other than them. I only have one relative in state, and I'll never talk to him again either unless it's at a funeral that isn't his. (I don't plan on being at his, nor he at mine unless he can cheat something out of somebody.)

    Another thing don't forget. Never, ever, ever, ever click on links that take to your bank, credit card company or whatever financial product you deal with. If you get an email from them, go to their site via a link you already know, not one they send you. Even if the link they send isn't one where they ask you to login or something, always assume it's dangerous and don't follow it. It could lead to malware sent to your machine or some means to gain information from you that they might be able to pick up without you ever knowing.

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    Re: BEWARE: New (?) Scam

    Post  Guest on Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:10 am

    Yup, just another scam...

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    Re: BEWARE: New (?) Scam

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