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    I hope this is a hoax!


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    I hope this is a hoax!

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:32 am

    Womb transplants could allow men to have babies ‘tomorrow’, claims expert

    WOMB transplants could allow men to have babies “tomorrow”, an expert claims.

    They would not be able to deliver the baby naturally, but could give birth by cesarean.

    Richard Paulson, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said eight children had already been born to women after transplants.

    And he told a meeting in San Antonio, Texas: “There’s plenty of room to put a uterus in there. Men and women have the same blood vessels.”

    He said the next step would to be trials involving transgender women to help them become natural mothers.

    Please be a fraud! PLEASE be a fraud!! Otherwise this is blown totally out of the water (Mr. Garrison after he had a sex change to become Mrs. Garrison and another one to become Mr Garrison):

    The American Dream is to be Donald Trump.
    -- Barack Hussein Obama

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