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    Illness only thing Hillary Clinton can’t seem to escape from


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    Illness only thing Hillary Clinton can’t seem to escape from

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:25 pm

    Illness only thing Hillary Clinton can’t seem to escape from

    The media can shield her from Whitewater and Filegate and Travelgate.

    The FBI can broom her multiple felonies in the email scandal.

    They can all look the other way on the cattle futures and Vince Foster and all the other scandals that are Hillary Clinton.
    But all of her protectors and apologists can’t do a damn thing about her failing health — and it’s driving them crazy.

    They tried their best Sunday morning though. Even after Fox started reporting a “medical emergency,” over on CNN they were scoffing, and they would be yet, if not for the cellphone videos.

    Consider the great irony of it all. On 9/11, the fourth anniversary of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton is brought down by … a YouTube video, or two.

    Meanwhile, the guy jailed for making the one that was falsely blamed as an excuse to cover for the failure of Barry Soetoro and Hitlery lives in poverty and fear. May she get her turn with those twins.

    But for almost 48 hours now, the mainstream media have sunk to one new low after another, continuing to carry her water, or is that the wrong liquid, considering we were told yesterday afternoon that she doesn’t like water, in fact suffers from “chronic dehydration.”

    That was at least the fourth diagnosis of her recent health problems, replacing “pneumonia,” which supplanted “overheating,” which I recall as a big problem for my ’71 Gremlin, until I gave it a radiator transplant. And before that, when she had the four-minute coughing fit in Cleveland, her press coatholders were blaming it all on “seasonal allergies.”

    She must be drinking something, but one thing we know: It’s not truth serum.

    Andrea Mitchell yesterday lamented all of what she called “fact-checking,” saying, “This only reinforces all the conspiracy theories.”

    Hey Mrs. Greenspan, they’re not called conspiracy theories if they’re true. They’re called facts.

    By midafternoon Sunday, all the common nightwalkers of the media were speaking as one. And this is what they said: Hillary “powered through.”

    Powered through? That’s the medical terminology for it, I guess. In laymen’s terms, it means “passed out.”

    Among the deplorables, the jokes piled up high. Diagnoses of her disease abounded. Could she have been struck down by chronic liarrhea, or cystic fib-rosis, or maybe lyngitis? Was it Arkilepsy, or chronic lie eye syndrome? Doctor, have we tested yet for Type 1 liabetes?

    When she said she was overheated, I thought they were about to point the finger at climate change, which means … it’s George Bush’s fault. But instead they stayed on message. Trump did it! The Chris Cillizzas and the Jake Tappers are shocked, shocked that he would bring up her alleged concussion, even though she herself as used it as her fallback alibi when James Comey’s G-men were giving her the tongue bath.

    Here was Politico’s fair-and-balanced story about Her Holiness’s ascension into heaven, complete with a comparison to “her 70-year-old, corpulent, junk-food-gobbling opponent, who has proudly posed with a KFC chicken bucket.”

    The lead was (and I’m not making this up): “Hillary Clinton never lost consciousness — and never stopped talking on her phone.”

    Yes, because she was screaming, “I’VE FALLEN, AND I CAN’T GET UP!”

    I vote for Type 1 liabetes as well as a simple bout of liarrhea.

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