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    Hillary Clinton's Real Sickness Is Not Physical


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    Hillary Clinton's Real Sickness Is Not Physical

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:20 am

    Hillary Clinton's Real Sickness Is Not Physical

    It is this pathological selfishness that lies behind all the lying. That overweening ambition cum entitlement makes the lies disappear to the self.  You didn't do it. They materialize too quickly and automatically to even be noticed and are certainly not acknowledged. They are overwhelmed and are simply not there.  hey never happened. Truth itself does not exist.

    This accounts for the incredible lack of consideration for others and for the national security of the country she wishes to lead in moving her entire email correspondence to a private home-brew server easily hacked by a world of twelve-year-olds, as she must have known but didn't care. It also accounts for those continual ever-changing excuses for it, with little or no attention to what she has said before. It's as if she can't remember what she said anyway, nor does she care about that either. Was it two or thirteen BlackBerrys? In any case, it doesn't matter.

    This selfishness could almost be called royalist in nature.  We all see it, but few of us, almost none in the mainstream media, do anything about it.  That James Comey could not find it in himself to bring charges against Hillary Clinton despite her having lied numerous times (when she wasn't claiming not to recall the most obvious answers to the most obvious questions)  is testament to the fact that she is regarded as a royal and therefore expected to be selfish. That's what royals do. They lie and are immune to prosecution.

    Hillary is a candidate, all right, but for queen, not president.

    We have reached the point where almost the entire Democratic Party accepts that fact as well as a good percentage of our media.  In that way they are as sick as Mrs. Clinton.  They enable each other.

    Forget whether or not she really had pneumonia or what her malady indeed may be. Forget even the must-see videos by Dr. Ted Noel that make a convincing case that Mrs. Clinton has Parkinson's disease, which she and her minions would then have unconscionably hidden from the public. (What was the reason for those odd blue sunglasses she wore on a cloudy day at the memorial?) Whatever her illness, it is only a symptom. Amorality is her true sickness.

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves after leaving an apartment building Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in New York. Clinton's campaign said the Democratic presidential nominee left the 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York early after feeling "overheated." (Andrew Harnik / AP Photo and caption.)

    Complete with anti-seizure sunglasses.

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