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    "We know what the climate will be like in 100 years"


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    "We know what the climate will be like in 100 years"

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:56 pm

    But we can't explain what's going on right this minute.

    Meteorologists baffled by bizarre isolated winds that whip San Francisco Bay Area

    Meteorologists are baffled by strong wind gusts that ripped through concentrated pockets of the Bay Area early Monday morning, while other areas remained completely still. 

    The National Weather Service reports that a gust of 54 mph roared through Pebble Beach at 2:30 a.m., while only 10 minutes away in Monterey conditions remained completely calm.

    "We had a very unusual event happen overnight," says Charles Bell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service Bay Area. "We had isolated strong periods of winds. It's really remarkable. Usually wind storms are more widespread, while this wind occurred in concentrated pockets."

    The first gusts roared through Pebble Beach and the southwesterly winds traveled north reaching up to 40 mph in Santa Cruz, up to 37 mph in Los Gatos and at the San Jose Airport.

    The weather service recorded the last gust from the event at 3:30 a.m.; it was a 35 mph wind at the Golden Gate Bridge. Bell says there are anecdotal reports of high winds in parts of Marin. 

    "We left our window open because of heat and winds were so strong our interior doors were slamming shut and flying open!" Thais Derich of Mill Valley wrote on Facebook. 

    The winds knocked down trees and power lines. PG&E reported 11,000 customers without power at one point.

    The event lasted about two hours.

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