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    Tucker Carlson Shames GOPers Who Back DACA: ‘Their Campaign Pledges Were Lies’


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    Tucker Carlson Shames GOPers Who Back DACA: ‘Their Campaign Pledges Were Lies’

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:41 am

    Tucker Carlson Shames GOPers Who Back DACA: ‘Their Campaign Pledges Were Lies’

    On Friday night, Tucker Carlson went after Republicans who have expressed their support to keep the Obama-era DACA policy intact.

    “Almost ten months into the Republican Congress, top Republicans on Capitol Hill have finally found an issue they can really rally around: preserving President Obama‘s immigration policies,” he began.

    The White House has said that President Trump will announce on Tuesday his decision whether to keep DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in place or to gut it as he promised during the election. Meanwhile, several top Republicans including Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Orrin Hatch have urged the president not to terminate the policy.

    Carlson specifically called out Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) for drafting amnesty legislation he himself calls a “conservative alternative” to DACA, which reportedly would give 2.5 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship.

    “We’re supposed to believe that this is the ‘conservative’ position, but the only thing it conserves is President Obama’s policy priorities,” Carlson said.

    He then slammed Tillis for previously campaigning against amnesty and saying the border had to be secure before any immigration reform took place. According to Carlson, he “didn’t mean any of that.”

    Carlson told his viewers that Tillis declined to come on his show, but said if he were to ask him or any pro-amnesty Republican “What is wrong with enforcing immigration laws on the books?” they’d say “It’s cruel to deport people who have lived here for a while.”

    “Okay, that’s a fair point,” Carlson continued, “but it would be easier to take if our elite showed a similar concern for hurting American citizens and there are many of those. Like the one in four of working age who don’t have jobs now, or the 14 million on disability, the one in six on antidepressants, the more than 50,000 who died of drug ODs just in the last year. Almost as many as were killed during the entire decade of the Vietnam war. You hear about those people occasionally here in Washington. You hear about those poor DACA kids a lot more and that tells you everything.”

    He went to say that Trump won the election without the support of the GOP establishment and that he was elected because his campaign promises “had powerful appeal,” but Republicans have repeatedly shown that “their campaign pledges were lies” and that “their chief interest is in protecting the tiny donor class that funds their campaigns.”

    “When a bunch of Republicans are crushed in next fall’s congressional elections, they will try to blame the president. It might have been easier to just listen to the president’s voters,” he concluded.

    That's the sad part. Many will get kicked out, but possibly too few of those will get it in the primary from a challenger, meaning a liberal will possibly replace them and things may get really screwed up.

    Of course, all of the losers, even the ones who don't get kicked out the first round, will blame Trump. Ignoring the fact (and it is a fact) that THEY ran on a wall, THEY ran on tightening immigration, THEY ran on undoing Obamacare, THEY ran on reversing  illegal court decisions through legislation, THEY ran on a lot of things, and THEY are dealing with barely any of it while going in the opposite direction on the little bit they do take up.

    And as for the ones not running next year (2/3 of the Senate), I'm all for changing the Constitution again (we already did it when they amended it to have Senators elected by direct vote) to either do away with the Senate completely or make them run every 2 years as well. Their constitutional purpose (to be representatives of states, not of the people) went by the wayside with direct elections. In that regard they're no different than House members. So why should they even exist? But if that idea doesn't sell, at the very least they should need to stand elections just as often as those in the House since their purposes are identical now. That would give the country a shot at ridding ourselves of McCain, McConnell, Hatch, Flake, Collins, Murkowski, Graham, etc. One or more might stay. But there'd be a shot and more energy to do it every 2 years instead of every 6.

    The American Dream is to be Donald Trump.
    -- Barack Hussein Obama

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