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    Powerball Winner


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    Powerball Winner

    Post  Ladyelaine on Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:42 am

    She has now doomed her fantasy of a laid back carefree life. She will likely become a stressed out tax owing/unable to pay person, no longer have any true friends, totally lose peace of mind along with a piece of it too, and go to an early grave. How can anyone be that uninformed as to what lies ahead for her?  No


    Re: Powerball Winner

    Post  Guest on Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:16 pm

    She should have kept her mouth shut instead of coming out and putting on such a show. Now she's in for a rude awakening. She'll lose it all, you watch, she doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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    Re: Powerball Winner

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:51 pm

    If I ever win the Powerball,you'll know I lost my mind because I refuse to play it. The only way I will is if I'm coo coo.

    But if I won and still had a slight bit of sense, first thing I'd do is toss it in a bank. Then I'd get a passport if I didn't already have one. After that I'd buy a round trip ticket to someplace, go there, buy another round trip someplace else and go there, then buy a one way to a third place and go there. (The round trips would be only to throw everybody off for awhile.) That would buy me enough time to think about what I wanted to do before people could find and harass me again. I'm not altogether sure what the next step would be, but you can rest assured it wouldn't involve coming back to this country except maybe on a private jet, unannounced and temporarily.

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    Re: Powerball Winner

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