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    This One ‘Morning Joe’ Segment Shows Why Democrats Are In Terrible Shape For 2018


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    This One ‘Morning Joe’ Segment Shows Why Democrats Are In Terrible Shape For 2018

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:21 pm

    This One ‘Morning Joe’ Segment Shows Why Democrats Are In Terrible Shape For 2018

    MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” spent several minutes Monday morning hammering home the fact that the Democratic Party is in a historically weak position thanks in large part to the party’s stunning losses across the middle of the country under former President Barack Obama.

    You can't cure the problem if you blame the symptoms. But I think it's a good idea to blame something other than the real disease.

    “Well, the national Democratic Party, as you know, is defined as a bicoastal party and not as a national party,” said Dan Balz, the Washington Post’s chief correspondent. “It’s strong on the coasts and the leadership tends to come from the coasts and the message comes from the coasts. That doesn’t play as well through many of the states up for grabs in 2017, 2018 — 2018 in particular. So there’s the absence of a kind of a message that resonates in some of these states.”

    That's closer to the actual problem.

    “I think also the fact is there’s no bench in a lot of these states for the Democrats. They’ve been wiped out in the state legislatures, they’ve been wiped out in many statewide races and so they struggle to find an attractive candidate they can put up in a statewide race like the governor’s race. And so one thing plays on the other and over the last 8 years it has been a wipeout and you know partly that’s been because there have been two terrible midterm elections in 2010 and 2014 and most of the gubernatorial races are in the midterm years,” Balz continued.

    “You know, if you look back eight years ago, the Democrats actually had a majority of the governorships, but under President Obama, they got wiped out, and the absence of a bench makes it all the more difficult to find the right candidate who can win in those states.”

    Host Joe Scarborough insisted on putting up the numbers of the Democratic party’s losses in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections to hammer the point home.

    “There were two just massive Republican years: 76 house seats lost, 13 senate seats, as we’ve been saying, Steve Radner. also, the governorships are at an all-time low, tied with 1922. Dan is exactly right,” Scarborough concluded. “Their bench has been absolutely decimated.”

    You get this once. And I hope you pay no attention.

    You don't have a message that resonates. None. In fact, what message you have does the opposite.

    You can blame the things above, but where your "leaders" hale from has been that way for decades. The message is still basically the same welfare-oriented/everything-is-free garbage you've been pushing. What has changed is you people got more radical, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, oppressive of speech, more pro-violation of speech, religion, gun rights, etc. You've chosen to ignore the majority. You've made it your goal to be the party of minorities.

    If you put 'em all together, they're still a minority.

    That's your problem, not what coast agrees or disagrees with you. Not whether you have lost state houses and legislatures, not whether or not the mayoral party affiliations changed hands. Those happened because of what I outlined above.

    But keep on keepin' on. Let Mad Maxine and Alzheimer's Nancy be your face. Let Chuck You Schumer refuse to cooperate on anything at all. Let the loons in the House and Senate run out and blast Trump every chance they get, never offering alternatives other than the same fascism you've been pushing.. Because those sorts of things have been working really well.

    That's not to say the Republicans will win things. They're trying their very best to make sure that doesn't happen. But there's more of a push coming to replace the RINOs. If that party wins, it will be because of those folks, not the McConnell/McCain/Ryan/Graham/Flake/Alexander/Collins brigade.

    The American Dream is to be Donald Trump.
    -- Barack Hussein Obama

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