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    Mysterious fliers threaten "genocide of the white race"


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    Mysterious fliers threaten "genocide of the white race"

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:12 am

    Mysterious fliers threaten "genocide of the white race"

    With the headline "Jobs Jobs Jobs," fliers have been popping up around Little Italy with racially charged language appearing to target white people.

    10 News has obtained several variations of the flier. While the language varies slightly, they all use the same font and have similar themes.

    Alyssa Ermann said she received one on her windshield in late April. It appeared to be a jobs flier, promising to "make you rich if you join us." Then it continued, "we are killing off the entire evil white race by making them addicted to cocaine, crack, spiked marijuana, spice, meth, heroin, hash, and other poisons, to kill them."

    The fliers are anonymous, but typically include numbers to local businesses. They also end with "Latino Power - Viva la Raza."

    Bring it on, "The Race." There are 245 million legal firearms in the United States. Guess which race owns most of them.

    Ermann speculated it may be an art project but had no idea where they came from.

    Yeah, that's it. It's an art project. Because art projects are generally aimed at threatening people just for breathing.

    I'm going to guess this Alyssa Ermann is a leftie. Those people seem all to ready to "coexist" with the fine folks who want to kill all of us: Islam, gangs, ANTIFA (just recently labeled a terrorist group by the New Jersey AG, something the other 49 and US AGs should do).

    Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore it.
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    Re: Mysterious fliers threaten "genocide of the white race"

    Post  Guest on Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:07 am

    If they try they will not succeed....

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    Re: Mysterious fliers threaten "genocide of the white race"

    Post  Psycho144 on Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:08 pm

    This day and age, most whites are easy targets.

    And the wantabees are dead allready Pfthttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Mysterious fliers threaten "genocide of the white race"

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