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    Diverting money from Public coffers


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    Diverting money from Public coffers

    Post  MisterCrikey on Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:27 am

    Hello to everyone again, i see that the Topic has been stopped a little bit soo i decided to start a new one to open adiscussion about a serious thing its happening,Im starting this topic because is something that became hidden with all the media and government I’ll explain you guys

     lets go


    [size=37]Diverting money from Public coffers in Brazil[/size]


     As you all might know i am brazillian (With a australian nicname online), And many people outside South America sees only the top of the iceberg of all our Financial, Social and Political problems. Soo im going to show you guys something that happpens here all the time and its bringing not only my country down but, others around the world with it.

    As you guys also might Know is of the 21st Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo in 18/06/17

    This event its not a recent one and it happens since 1998, The big diference is from 2003 to on there has bem a major and Unnecessary investment over it with not only this event but all other ones financiated by the government, (BTW im not Homophobicv or againstgays im only against Public money being used to them make sex on the streets and all other immoralities)

    Were invested Money from Public companies to the partership with  APOLGBT (Support of Lesbians Gays Bissexuals and Transsexuals Rights) money from the Petrobras (Brazilian industry of oil actually involved with series of Economic problems)and the City hall of São Paulo invested on the Info estructure that cost around 1.5 Millions on it.what  

    what children had to see in the event:



    [size=37]Lying about the numbers[/size]

    The managment of the event said It were expected to Gather 3.000.000 people on the event, but according to my calculations does not make sense...

    ·         There is more than 25.000 hotels in All of the Brazil

    ·         There are 3.445 hotels in the most popular capitals of São Paulo

    ·         The Police has not released numbers

    ·         Only in São Paulo there is 1,848 hotels

    ·         Were expected 3.000.000 people or more


    1% of 3M people to 1.848 hotels with 16.632 rooms in total



     For 190 hotels there should be 300 people

    For 9 or more rooms there should be 19 people in each room

    Seems like some numbers are missing...

    I would like to ask opnions about this and some help to understand better, as you can see its really serious and very harmful to any nation.

    Thanks for the attention everyone

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    Re: Diverting money from Public coffers

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:07 pm

    It's not really that much different from here (US).

    There was a "million man march" that estimates say were around 300,000 in number. Still pretty big, but not big enough to propagandize well. So the media and leftist politicians kept pretending it was a million or more.

    They pretend constantly that groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM) aren't terrorist groups. But the only difference between them and recognized terrorist groups is recognition as such. They still are, but they don't call them that.

    As for funding, most of the open funding will be done by cities themselves. States may do a little, too. But it's almost always cities.

    That doesn't mean the federal government doesn't fund such things. They just hide it better. They call some groups "charities" and "advocacy groups" when the only reason those groups exist is to undermine society and even the US itself. Planned Parenthood gets federal money. They used over $700,000 on a recent election in Georgia trying to get the guy elected who would be friendly toward giving them more federal money and weaken restrictions on killing the unborn (who also are often killed as they're being born). BLM gets federal money. Not directly or it might be discovered. They give it to other groups for "organizing" advocacy events. They give it to BLM themselves. Islamist groups get federal money by calling themselves charities or advocacy groups. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) funds terror groups all over the world. Their goal (rarely stated, but sometimes they slip a little) is to undermine the US and institute Sharia law, which is wholly incompatible with the US laws and the US Constitution. There are several groups and charities with direct ties to ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood that have received tax breaks and government assistance over the last few years.

    Some of that has already started getting undone. But some of it is hidden well enough that it could take decades to uncover and eliminate it.

    Another thing that was just recently undone doesn't even use taxpayer money (OK, a little to make it work). The Justice Department would go after a company for some phony charge. Could be racism, could be environmental damage, could be not hiring enough minorities, could be anything. The company involved would have no choice but to defend themselves. Even if they went out of business, the government would go after the people who ran it. So there was no choice but to fight. After enough fear was put into the owners, the Justice Department would offer them a deal: agree to pay some money to "right your wrongs" (that were usually made up) and we'll drop it. The alternative would end up being total bankruptcy and ruin by trying to fight the government. So the companies would agree to settle. The settlement would require the companies to give the money to certain groups. Usually the groups had nothing to do with any claims against the company, but that didn't matter. So the company would pay the money and get let off the hook.

    The problem is, other than the obvious corruption of the whole thing, the money would go to groups like BLM, CAIR, the Southern Poverty Law Center (a terror-advocacy group) and other anti-American or anti-freedom organizations. It would fund their hostilities toward the US and the rule of law.

    What you're talking about is common all over Europe these days. The government lies, and then cracks down on those who expose the lies. Immigrants are raping, robbing and murdering citizens. So what happens when citizens complain? They've started arresting the complainers for incitement (Britain and Germany both, in Britain a guy just went to prison for some social media posts asking what it was safe to say publicly). They've started requiring Facebook and Twitter to censor(Britain and Germany again). Even though Facebook and Twitter had already started censoring people and banning others, that wasn't enough.

    That's what they want to do here. That's what they want to do everywhere, including in your country. This LGBTQ stuff is really just a diversion, but it's one symptom of what's wrong all over the world.

    The best answer is putting the right people into power. That's extremely hard to do. But it's the only peaceable way to do it.

    The second best answer is to be willing to fight. If you can't get the people who are responsible for honesty and protecting the people who put them there, sometimes you have to force them to listen or force them to go away. That's where I think we're headed now.

    The American Dream is to be Donald Trump.
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